Former pastor facing second sexual misconduct suit

Accused of coercing males into engaging in 'sexual acts'

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Accused of coercing males into engaging in 'sexual acts'

Rev. Tyrone D. Gordon

Rev. Tyrone D. Gordon, 55, is reportedly a devoted husband, a father of two grown daughters, and a former school Wichita, Kan. board member. He has become one of the most popular pastors in Wichita, Kansas.

Over the course of 14 years, St. Mark United Methodist Church in Wichita grew from 250 members to more than 2,500 to become the largest African-American church in the state. At the time he left in June of 2002, it was also the second-largest United Methodist Church in Kansas.

But now the prominent former Wichita pastor and school board member is currently facing a sexual misconduct suit for the second time, filed by a former member of St. Luke United Methodist Church, Gordon’s church in Dallas, Texas.

The second suit was filed Friday by 42-year-old church musician Jeff Carson, who alleges that Gordon became sexually inappropriate with him during two church trips. Carson also alleges that Gordon tried to grope him multiple times during visits in the pastor’s office. Carson resigned from St. Luke in 2007.


Gordon announced his resignation from St. Luke in January, it took effect Feb. 15.

On Feb. 3, Gordon was also sued by 26-year-old  Rev. Cameron Jerrod Greer, who is now the pastor of another Dallas church. In the lawsuit, Rev. Greer accused Gordon of coercing males in his St. Luke congregation into engaging in “sexual acts and relationships for his own personal gratification.”

These events allegedly took place  inside Gordon’s office  around 2003 to 2010.

Through a spokesman, Gordon told the Dallas Morning News that he denied all charges. Gordon still hasn’t been served court process papers on the first suit. Marilynn Mayse, attorney for Greer and Carson, said Gordon is “dodging service.”

“I’ve had my process server out there sitting on him all night,” Mayse said, “and he won’t answer the door.”

Mayse said she plans to go to court and request an “alternative” service process.


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