Pizzeria asks parents to control their kids amid negative Yelp reviews

Family restaurant prints message on menu, asking parents to take their crying tots outside

Grant Central Pizza in Grant Park, Atlanta, Georgia asks parents to please take crying kids outside. Photo via Google Maps.

A family pizzeria in Atlanta, Ga., is asking parents to “tend to their crying tots outside.” A new message on the front of their menu asks parents to be mindful of their children’s crying as they have received numerous negative online reviews due to the noise level and unruly behavior of certain kids.

The restaurant suggests such an atmosphere can ruin some people’s dining experience. Grant Central Pizza felt compelled to gently remind parents that their children’s behavior affects all patrons.

The Imperfect Parent scoured Grant Central Pizza’s Yelp reviews and only found a few relating to children. One customer, who gave the restaurant 4 out of 5 stars said, “Really the downfalls are the loud, unruly children who seem to take over periodically.  I can’t stand a misbehaving child- though I dislike their parents more!,” while another reviewer said, “Deserts are great and the atmosphere is family friendly.  Sometimes too much…. because often parents let there kids roam the place…. That’s why I set it on 4.”

The response of the owners from such reviews came in the form of a message on the menu that reads:

“Dear all present and future patrons: GCP is proud of its reputation as a family restaurant, a title that we will work to keep. Unfortunately a number of our diners have posted unpleasant experiences because of crying and unsupervised children. To ensure that all diners have an enjoyable lunch or dinner with us we respectfully ask that parents tend to their crying tots outside.”

The establishments co-owner, Donnie Parmer, told Fox News Atlanta that they welcome kids, but they want families to be respectful of all their customers. He says that they’ve received a lot of support and so far, nobody has complained about the message.

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  • kherbert

    It is sad that they have to ask parents to be parents. Of course kids that are being disruptive need to be removed from a restaurant. 

  • Fluffy_1

    I wish all restaurants would have a similar policy. It’s simple; if it was an adult screaming at the top of his voice, you’d expect him to be removed, right? So why have different rules for shrieking kids?