South Carolina: Maggots found in baby's diaper say cops

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20-year-old Michelle Butler was charged with child neglect after baby was found sick and with maggots in diaper. Mug shot via Honea Path Police Dept.

A South Carolina baby was brought into AnMed Health Hospital in Anderson, suffering from alleged neglect and illness. The baby was taken to the ER after a concerned party urged the baby’s mother, 20-year-old Michell Shontel Butler, to take action as the baby was sick. According a police report, that person, who was unnamed, gave the baby some Tylenol and noticed the baby tugging at his ears. Upon arrival to the emergency, nurses changed the baby’s diaper and noticed a few maggots falling out.

The report also states that drug exposure was revealed after a blood and urine analysis was done on the baby boy. Police apparently got a search warrant for the mother’s home and found baby formula and diapers but found the apartment to be extremely messy.

Butler, who appears to be teary-eyed in her mug shot, has been charged with child neglect. The baby is expected to fully recover.

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  • Deborah L

    How long do you have to leave a diaper on and get maggots. Poor baby is in better hands now. Maybe a new law should be mandated that everyone take their baby to a dr each month for a health check or go to jail.

    • Lola Guin

      What a terrible idea. My children are not property of the state, nor am I. Just because some terrible person neglected her child does not give the right to the government to mandate monthly doctor visits for every parent in the nation. That is tyranny. You’re innocent until proven guilty in this country. Every time someone does something bad a few people with no knowledge of law or the Constitution want to instate laws like the one you suggested. Going to jail, for not taking your baby to a monthly doctor’s appointment, when you’ve done nothing wrong?! Do you realize how crazy that is? Do you realize that the logistics of what you’re suggesting are completely unfeasible? We have Due Process in this country and a Bill of Rights which protect you and your babies from unwarranted intrusion. A few bad apples is not justification to take away EVERYONE’S rights. Ugh. Your suggestion makes me sick.

  • Skuzz,,

  • nasty & crazy & irresponsible…

  • Minerva

    She should have to wear a dirty diaper with maggots in it, that would be proper punishment. How do you NOT change a baby’s dirty diaper? And in another article I read how the friend is the one who took him to the ER and called 911 because the baby seemed sick with a fever and this birth vessel ignored pleas to get him medical attention. Also he tested positive for marijuana at the hospital. I hope she rots in jail.

  • NoahsMommy2012

    This bitch sickens me!

  • exploitations
    of manufactured maltreatment, and true maltreatment have morphed to
    suit the State’s need to confiscate the needed commodity ~child(ren).
    I have never heard of maggots in a diaper. What are the conditions needed for this to occur?
    A messy house can mean many things, especially to Mormons, and whose side the Mormon men’s club (LDSs) sit on in court proceedings, and behind the scenes influencing the local “good ole boys” in the courtrooms. Apologies for my lingering animosity.
    This case sounds too unbelievable. Better journalism, and reliable evidence is needed.
    If the details outlined here are accurate, this is shameful. Oh how quickly audiences rely on sensationalism.