Avalanna Routh: 6-year-old brain cancer patient meets Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber grants little Avallana her ultimate wish, to meet him while she battles a rare cancer. Screen shot via WCBV.Avalanna Routh, 6, has been suffering from a rare form of brain cancer, atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor, since she was 6 months old. The Merrimac, Massachusetts youngster had one wish she hoped to to fulfill in what could be a short life resulting in a cancer that presents itself with a grim prognosis.  Knowing that young Routh longed to meet her all-time hero, Justin Bieber, Routh’s family set out to campaign for his attention by setting up Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to her wish.

Miraculously and graciously, Routh’s wish got noticed by Bieber, whose manager arranged a private meeting between the youngster and pop star. Routh was able to fly to New York and meet with Bieber in his New York hotel room. According to WCVB-TV, Routh says the meeting consisted of kisses, playing Candy Land and autographs. She also told a group of reporters that she tried to fix his hair.

One of Routh’s friends said it took only two days for Justin Bieber to respond. She said that someone who knew Beiber sent the Facebook page to him and he responded on his Twitter, ‘How do I get in touch with the family’?

Routh’s family says they hope the meeting will help bring awareness to pediatric cancers which they believe to be grossly underfunded.

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