Obama comes out against current SOPA and PIPA legislation, but stops short of killing it

Google, Wikipedia and Facebook may be too big for Obama to ignore, but may cost him votes

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Google, Wikipedia and Facebook may be too big for Obama to ignore, but may cost him votes

President Obama says he wont sign current SOPA or PIPA legislation as it's written but left the door open to signing such legislation if wording is changed. Photo via whitehouse.gov

Although Congress will still  go forward in starting their preliminary bid to pass SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) tomorrow, President Obama has come out in recent days and said he will not support the bills ‘as is’, if Congress passes them in their current form. SOPA and PIPA are bills originally drafted by two Democratic leaders to appease the Hollywood sponsors to allow them the ability to bring copyright infringed websites to their knees should they or a commenter violate any far reaching scope of current copyright laws. It’s so broad, that if a commenter links to a copyrighted video on You Tube, production companies and Hollywood Film companies have the right to have the website shut down and have it’s advertisers withhold their earnings.

Since it’s original draft, the bills have garnered bipartisan support.

Before today, Obama has been disappointingly silent on the twin censorship bills. The problem is — the upcoming election. Obama and the Democrats get a lot of support from the Motion Picture Industry and ‘Hollywood types’ who seem to be extorting politicians into stifling the freedom of the Internet in effort to eliminate bootlegged material from surfacing on the net. While most of these types of infringements come from overseas file sharing sites, the bills punish everyone by taking on an almost Draconian measure of censorship among Internet users and content providers. As difficult as it is to monitor comments, any slight misstep in oversight could effectively shut down online entrepreneurs.  Websites like Reddit that simply link to copyrighted material would cease to exist. The bills could very well change the way we share information on the Internet, limiting what we can and can’t say or link to.

In an election year, the President has to walk a fine line, but the bills are far from being dead. While the White House came out and said that it wouldn’t support the current drafts of the legislation, it did say that it would support revised drafts. Hollywood is not going to let this go and they are going to call out favors for political donations.


Among high profile protestors of the proposed bill are Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. In light of the current administrations willingness to pass a similar bill in the near future, many of these web giants are staging a protest tomorrow and schooling their visitors on how this bill will change the recreational use of the Internet as we know it and asking the public not to waver in its opposition.

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  • Steven Hudson

    leave the internet alone!

  • F**k OFF

    F**k Off the internet! We rather have no Hollywood rather than no internet freedom! Hollywood makes billions of dollars on Movie sales alone and now their evil greediness can’t stop from flowing. F**k those sold out politicians.

  • Nun

    Funny how Paul and Romney are clearly against SOPA and Obama has to waffle and mince words.

  • Rachel

    Hollywood doesn’t need anymore money than they already have. When I heard about PIPA and SOPA, I already guessed it was a matter of greedily making money. America isn’t what it use to be anymore.
    Millions and billions of people rely on internet for jobs, education, etc. It’s not worth putting such subjects on the line for movie production. I’m pretty sure anyone supporting this bill will only hurt themselves in the long run.
    Anyhow, it’s nice to see a lot of websites protesting against PIPA and SOPA. I really hope these bills don’t pass. Yeah, piracy should be stopped, but not our freedom.

  • Matthew

    How can this not go against the first amendment. These guys need to look over the constotution and Hollywood needs ro look at the size of there house and get over that they lost 5$. And if this is all caused by wikileaks the goverment needs to hike up the skirt and either not make bad reports on countrys or not be idiots. Does anyone else think America is losing freedom

  • Joe

    I think he’s going against the bill because he wants to get reelected. I guarantee if he’s back in office he’ll try to redo the bill. Obama cannot be relected if we want to save the internet.

  • It’s good to use films/TV shows for educational reasons and to make people aware of social, political, and economic issues. But, many films are made only to make people escape reality and weaken their capacity to question or to critique the status quo.

    I’m just wondering though, do film and TV production executives/companies give bonuses as well to the crew, including utility personnel, whenever they succeed at luring people to go out and spend money on movies? Do these non-celebrity, behind-the-camera workers also receive additional post-production incentives for other movie-related products like DVDs, toys, etc.? Don’t these producers realize that many people who earn their income online are consumers of their (producers) goods?

    It seems like the politicians who are for SOPA/PIPA are as greedy as the companies/individuals who are for these bills. Perhaps if they are struggling too they’d be singing a different tune and this would not have been an issue.

  • King Reggin

    Comments like these are a act of treason in my opinion. SOPA and laws like it protect innocent, American buisnesses, and anyone who tries to stop such laws is a traitor to our glorious country. I hope after these laws are passed, the police arrest anyone who has ever gone against it.

    • ocean spray

      thats sarcasm right?

      has to be.

      i find it highly funny these people act is if the money they currently make isnt enough.. god forbid instead of owning 3 vacation homes i might have to own  just 2…

      what a crappy world, rich always bitching trying to get richer.. just like the whole health care issue.. god forbid people have to pay more on taxes because they make more..

      the reason the music industry hurts so bad is because music isnt what it used to be, everyone is just self obsessed. quite frankly its gotten a bit old.

      all these morons keep doing this just tossing out numbers of oh the movie industry lost this last year… blah blah.. oh the music industry lost this last year… blah blah.. oh sponge bob will die because you can watch it on youtube.. blah blah…

      oddly sponge bob is very much alive and id love to see the money sponge bob makes a year… id love to see how much the music industry still makes altogether a year…. id love to see how much the movie industry makes every year…

      i never see rappers hurting, they seem to have tons of money to throw around and post on youtube. i dont see the movie producers hurting in their 3 story 5 story mansions with boats and yachts…

      give me a fucking break, seriously. bunch of greedy ass holes, living wonderful lives still bitching cause it just isnt good enough.

  • Oishimitzu

    I don’t always troll; but when I do, I try not to be so obvious.

  • wee need to stop this bullshit what happend to freedom there is not one person on this earth who has not once used youtube and not if this goes by youtube will be shut down and many other populer sites

  • The President has stopped short of saying he’d kill it because he 1) wants to be re-elected and 2) wants the bill passed. SOPA and PIPA are BAD and overreaching pieces of legislation. (And such power in the hands of so few is REALLY bad.) But all the people in DC care about right now is getting re-elected. To see who is behind what and why, the old adage prevails. Follow the money. A trail that leads from Hollywood to DC and right up to the doors at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • Stuart

    It’s amazing how stupid the wealthy elite are considering their success. They have made very large gains in wealth terms as against the rest of us just recently and it was only the fact that we were distracted by the constant drip feed of free online entertainment that distracted people and allowed that to happen.

  • Ha

    Hollywood is f**king themselves over. Big time.
    Now I wonder & [hope] people are going to stop pay, going to movie theaters, buying movies, buying mainstream music.

    Hollywood should have no support for the sh*t they just pulled.
    They need to sink.

  • S-Tell

    How can Hollywood act so affected by the online piracy??If all the popular sites werent , their musicians & actors would HARDLY get known all over the world and their sales were not a big deal, and all that SOPA & PIPA sh*t is an excuse to make money.They don’t give a heck on protecting and there is nothing good in their actions. because of them people who used to have a bussines on internet are going to be in the same situation as Kim Dotcom . AND THE TRUTH IS THAT AMERICA IS SUPPORTING AND COVERING PIRACY SITES INSIDE THE STATE. I bet many of the SOPA supporters once,downloaded at least 1 song from internet.

  • guest

    Hollywood is a escape goat for the real enemy, that wants to destroy america. The reason that Obama  want it to pass is to breakdown the people’s rights and letting the government to become communist. United states people is just as stupid as Hollywood  by paying too much taxes and hire con artist into offices. Plus people is worry about their Facebook, pods and oops did that rubber break instead of helping others. Do you notices that more and more people is more rude and drive like their retarded dumb idiots lately because they sucked at not making their own lives livable. First thing is to stand up and help our selves and our communities and make sure each towns, villages, and burgs can sustain themselves without help from others. Lets say all the important stores is in a local city and it just got destroyed by a bunch of businesses goes out of business. Other words we should look at local economy instead national economy. In order to make money is a stable community is their jobs that can make all their local needs. The questions should be asked is their local farms that raises local foods for the locals? Is their stores that support local income and keeps it in the community unless it’s needed. Is their local fair trading post to help with low or no income. Is their local  research and development facility that can make more jobs for people.

  • Wow, just wow

    I am now dumber for having read that last comment……