Teen Mom Leah Messer pregnant again

Messer reported to be pregnant for second time, with quite a surprise for her fans.

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Messer reported to be pregnant for second time, with quite a surprise for her fans.


Teen Mom 2's Leah

Teen Mom 2's Leah, seen here holding twin Aleeah, is rumored to be pregnant with twins again. Photo from MTV.com (http://remotecontrol.mtv.com/2011/04/28/how-to-get-in-touch-with-the-teen-mom-2-cast/)

From the onset of the second season of 16 and Pregnant, most of the controversial show’s loyal watchers knew that Leah Messer’s story would continue to be played out if a second season of Teen Mom were created. And it was, with Leah being one of the most popular cast members.

During her time on 16 and Pregnant it was revealed that she became pregnant with her fraternal twin girls after dating boyfriend Cory Simms only a month. Despite the lack of time put into their relationship, the two decided to make a go of it and continue with their relationship for their twin girls.

After a brief breakup when Leah decided to attempt to rekindle a relationship with her ex-boyfriend from high school, with whom she’d had a relationship for several years, Leah and Cory slowly re-established their relationship, culminating in their wedding in their hometown on the season finale of Teen Mom 2’s first season.


Before too long, though, rumors surfaced that the teen mom and her older husband had filed divorce papers in their native West Virginia. The two stayed mum on the subject, citing orders from MTV. Leah’s Facebook fan page was barraged with both insults and concern from people all over the world who had opinions they wanted heard, causing her to disable her page many times. She was, said her page’s administrators, tired of the insults she was receiving.

Now that the second season of Teen Mom 2 has begun, viewers are treated to Leah and Corey’s marriage in its first days, showing the newlyweds concerned about their daughter Ali’s health. The now 2-year-old has developmental delays, the cause of which has not been revealed, but in a recent episode, Leah and Corey were told that the reason for the delays were not because there was anything wrong with the tot’s brain, which left them immensely relieved.  In the next episode, they were told Ali would likely have to wear braces to correct the curvature of Ali’s legs, one of her many physical problems. Others include the inability to close her fists and a problem with one of her eyes that crosses and has a smaller than normal optic nerve, indicating she might at some point go blind in that eye.

The biggest developments, though, have come from the tabloids in the most recent weeks. Inside sources, as OK!, InTouch and Us Magazines report, have told them that Leah is pregnant for the second time with her new fiancé, Jeremy Calvert, a pipe layer, also from West Virginia. The magazines report that Calvert is living with Leah and the twins, Aliannah and Aleeah, in a three bedroom home that Leah recently purchased with her season two MTV paycheck. Along with the home, she purchased a car.

“She’s already blown this season’s paycheck,” said an inside friend to InTouch magazine. “She desperately needs cash.” The same insider said Leah used the funds to purchase a brand-new Chevrolet Suburban Sport Utility Vehicle.

The 19-year-old mother of two has been reported to have been being responsible with her birth control, which failed her. Us Weekly said a source told them Leah had a Mirena IUD when she became pregnant for the second time, and the IUD must have shifted. The manufacturer of Mirena says that only 8 in every 1,000 Mirena implants fail and cause women to become pregnant.

Calvert, like Simms, is an older man. Simms is 21, two years older than Leah, who is 19. Calvert is 23, a full four years older, but Leah, said Us Weekly, is telling everyone that the relationship feels right and that she was extremely excited that Calvert proposed over Christmas.

The insider who spoke to InTouch goes on to drop the biggest bombshell of all: Leah is not only pregnant again, but she’s having twins again. InTouch reports that her chances of having twins increase greatly because her twins are fraternal. In fact, says family physician Dr. Walt Larimore, her chances of having twins again quadruple.

Whether Leah will have one baby or two is yet to be determined. All reports say she is due around the middle of August, so until she releases an official statement or gives birth, the world will have to wait. She is, however, excitedly planning the wedding. OK! reports that the twin girls will have a part in the wedding. An insider tells the tabloids that Leah is counting on the pregnancy and wedding to give her a spinoff show on MTV and help her out with her cash flow problem, so the wedding is sure to be as lavish as she can make it. She’s already enjoying her 1.5 karat princess cut sparkler from Calvert and says she has a lot to look forward to in 2012.

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  • Stacey S_MOD

    Sooooo….pretty much no learning curve there.

  • imagined

    What a great idea to pay huge amounts of money to dumb whores. It taught her that sleeping around and having babies makes her money. How sad.

    • wow you are mean she gives her heart out to those girls and she makes sure they have a house to live in and beds to sleep in and food in their stomachs so you have the right to shut your mouth and the money is to help her support her and her childeren….

  • Katie

    In regards to this blog…I totally agree that Leah is being irresponsible, but so is EVERY parent, every single one. It is the ultimate selfish act to have a child. You are responsible for bringing someone into this life that has so many hard things in it. You could have a child with a mental or physical illness. I don’t support Leah’s actions, but I am angry that so many other mothers comment on her life when they are ALSO selfish!

    • Seriously? Its selfish to have a child. So if you have one, I’ll be sure to let you know how selfish your being.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? That is one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard. I usually casually browse through comments and scoff to myself, so me being here responding to yours means that you either said something extremely smart or something extremely idiotic. I hate to tell you, but it is the latter of the two. Having children is selfish??? Um, okay, how do you expect the human race to continue on if everyone decided to be unselfish and not have children, that being based on your theory. I think having children, AND BEING RESPONSIBLE WITH THEM, is one of the most unselfish things a woman can do. When you have children and you are a good mother to them, your priority in life becomes them and nothing else. Every decision you make revolves around the well being of your children. Which job to take, whether or not to even take a job at all, where to live, who to associate with, what car to buy, what foods to buy, and any other decision you can think of; they all become about what is best for your children. So, I want to make sure you stand corrected on your theory that having children is selfish. The selfishness of having children lies within the women out there who choose to keep the children that they bear and then choose that they themselves are still the number 1 priority in their lives. Now that is selfish. If you are not ready to give up everything else in life as your number one priority, then you should not have children or if you do, you should not keep them (adoption). Having children is not selfish, it’s the mistakes that people make when being a parent that can be classified as selfish. NOT ALL MISTAKES, but the ones that should not happen. I can pretty much assume that you are not a parent yourself because if you were (a mother), you would have never made that comment.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and a few more things. Yes, of course you can have a child that has a disability or an illness. Every child is a gift from God and there is no way to ever fully understand that until you are a mother yourself. If a woman does drugs while pregnant or does something like stay in an abusive relationship, so on, so on, then YES, that is selfish. YES, then the fact of bringing that child into this cruel, cruel world is a very selfish act because you are bringing a child into the world who may or may not have issues because of decisions you made that you could have prevented. This is a cruel world, but we as people make it that way. You want to change that, you teach your children a different way of life. The most unselfish, responsible goal that any woman can accomplish (and man for that fact) is to raise a child that can be a positive, successful contribution to society. It is a lot of hard work and there will be days that you will question yourself on whether or not you are doing the right thing and there will be days when you ask yourself why the hell you ever had children, but there are so many more days that  will make you smile and that will make you proud that it takes away all of the other garb. I have three wonderful children. My oldest is a 7 year old boy that is very opinionated. He is in second grade and his teachers and school counselors try to convince my husband and I that he has Asperger’s. He doesn’t do well in social situations and likes to talk loud. He is very sweet though and loves to read to his brother. Then there is my sweet, sweet, four year old son. He loves Disney love stories like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. He wants to be a prince when he grows up and always talks about being a dad and getting married when he grows up. He has the biggest heart and asks for very little from anyone, materialistic and non. Then there is my feisty, red headed baby girl who will be two in March. She is learning to S.H.A.R.E and it isn’t something that is going to come easy to her. She likes to push and pull and get her way anytime she can. I am slowly trying to learn that I need to be as stern with her as I was with my boys or she is going to walk all over me. I expect my three children to learn boundaries, respect, loyalty, and the value of hard work. I don’t care if my children become managers at a fast food restaurant, garbage wo(men), lawyers, doctors, or teachers. What I do care about is that they are happy, loving, and responsible adults. I want them to see the joy in everyday living and dream for the extravagant. Having children has not made me selfish at all. In fact, it has slowly made me realize that life is about so much more than what I want. All I can see in my future now is the future of my children. I know that I am raising three more people that will make ripples in this world. You have struck a chord in me by saying that having a child is selfish and so I had to write all of this to you so that you understand.

  • WF

    I usually don’t comment on articles & such but I just had to reply..
    KATIE: WHAT?! “It is the ultimate selfish act to have a child”.. Are you serious? As any responsible parent will tell you, it takes unconditional selfLESSness to raise a child. As a proud stay-home mother of 2, I can tell you that hands down it is the most self-sacrificing yet rewarding job in the world.
    Having a child means doing everything in your power to give him/her a good life. It’s FOR THEM, & for the future.
    You’re obviously either A. Extremely bitter & pissed at the world (get over it) and/or B. a kid with alot to learn. I hope you are enlightened sometime in the near future.

    As for the article.. I feel that teen pregnancy is an absolute tragedy for everyone involved. Teenagers are NOT equipped to be parents. Leah obviously has alot of immaturity issues to overcome, which is to be expected from a 19-yr-old. It’s just a shame that her precious twins & now another baby have to be along for the ride. I was hopeful that she & Cory would be the rare happy ending in a bad situation, unfortunately not.

  • sb

    It’s because of this show that people perceive ALL teen moms as irresponsible….that is not the case; I had my son at 18. He is now 2 and because of him i got my high school diploma and am now in college…so no, not every teen mom is as stupid as others. Look at how many teen moms have bettered their lives and end up giving their children an amazing life!!!!!
    Just because 4 teen moms on a TV show aren’t doing the best all the time should create a huge stereotype for every other teen mom out there!!!!

  • ok

    “Teen Mom” was supposed to show teenagers that it was hard to be a teenager and a mother. Now all this shows is that you can be on t.v for having a child at a young age, receive money for said show, and apparently more money for having more children. No one should judge Leah for her mishaps since she was apparently relying on birth control, sometimes it fails, but for her to try and get more money and her own show is pretty selfish. I’m sure its not easy for children who grow up in this reality show bullcrap lifestyle, but its become an easy way for parents to earn cash without lifting a finger.. just opening their legs. Sad!

  • Amanda

    Its sad that MTV keeps supporting irresponsible Teenage mothers instead of teaching other kids a lesson the show should be something voluntarily not paid look at the outcomes of this a Pot smoking mother janelle which is only supports her habits and then theres leah the one that wants to have kids to milk them…AMAZINGLY STUPID

  • Paula

    Sorry but I didn’t realize purchasing a house and a car were irresponsible things to do with money. Geez!

  • Brittany

    Well I believe you are all wrong! Not one of you know what it is like to raise twins! Well I myself, got pregnant at 19 and had a set of twin daughters and they are two that was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life, then found out when I was 21 I was pregnant with a set of twin boys and I about feel off the ultrasound table. I think this girl needs a break, It is hard and she is younge but she is a wonderful mother, We all know how it feels to be broke and want nice things…

    • guest

      So, what you’re saying is you didn’t learn your lesson the first time and you didn’t protect yourself from something you knew would be difficult at your age? We get that it’s hard…it’s hard for anyone but maybe you should be a little smarter and take even more precautions.  It’s called RESPONSIBILITY! 

      Also, since the airing of Teenmom, teen pregnancy has dropped about 10%

  • Julie Campbell

    sn’t Leah concerned since they don’t know what is wrong with ALI that it’s possible another child could be born with the same genetic disorder? I know that they say wait and see we don’t know what is wrong, she may have skeletal dysplasia, well that’s a big risk to take especially since many forms of skeletal dysplasia vary in their severity. It’s possible if her baby does have a genetic disorder maybe she doesn’t have the severest form and any subsequent children born could have a more severe form. Also some of the disorders only one parent carries the gene for them, if Leah is the carrier…..and it’s a dominant gene then … well you get the picture. I am surprised this hasn’t been brought up by any media??

  • Amanda

    Might want to correct the article. She willingly took out her IUD. She’s very open about that on Teen Mom too so I’m not sure how whoever wrote this got it wrong.

  • Tina Mazza

    I was watching the show when her and Corey first met out of all of teen dads Corey treated her like a Queen such a sweet guy Leah is a little how hate to say it I hope Corey finds

  • Rim Greaper

    I reached this post due to my state of mind while googling-a
    twentysomething currently having differences with his mother. I just
    want to see what goes for ‘normal’ in how these relations and their
    issues should play out. And just WOW. I try to be profeminist, and I
    really believe women are equal in ability, they just can’t be arsed to
    hold themselves to some objective standards. Holding forth about the
    matyrdom of motherhood (materhood, /mater-dom in the original Latin)
    which they chose – certainly no-one ever thought to martyr and
    discipline themselves by going thru this hard and meaningless life in
    this cold universe. I mean, should I be grateful? I am having ahard go
    of life, having motivational issues, not much faith in the future, I
    distrust the Powers That Be and their deplorable ‘system level’
    constraints that are unavoidable (more reasons not to have kids!), and I
    should somehow load my burdened psyche with this sense of guilt and
    obligation to my mother? Do you really think that because she boiled my
    porridge every morning I have to see her thru her retirement? People
    just want to live their unexamined lives, and keep in step with their
    friends and peers-don’t babies seem to have a 3 year window or ‘season’
    in anyone’s social group, where a dozen women will all have babies in
    that time, often matching batch for batch. This is NOT for the benefit
    of the actual baby-how could nonexistence be a deprivation? How could
    the average joe blow life be a benefit? I mean, If you pull down a
    quarter mill a year, and you think it is good pay (duh), then let there
    *be* no loose talk about how a 60hr workweek sucks. You knew what it was
    about, you think it was worth it! What I’m saying, is that people focus
    on the difficulty of parenting, as if doing something difficult is
    itself generous. No! The implication is that life is hard, so by
    suporting you for the first quarter of life (and lettingyou struggle on
    with this precious millstone) they are benefitting you. I argue that
    people enter parenthood with their own agendas. For primitive peoples
    that can be as straightforward as using children as labor and yielding
    property. For our materialistic society, it may be more symbolic, a
    pathetic grab at meaning, immortality etc. So let there *be* no loose talk aboout the everyday heroinism of mothers.