Florida school bus attackers under house arrest, face expulsion

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Liberty Middle School's 'Bully Lab'

A group of Florida students who allegedly beat a girl until she was unconscious have been placed under house arrest and may be expelled from school.

The seven students, who range in age from 12 to 14, are from the Liberty Middle School in Ocala, Florida, and allegedly started the fight when the girl tried to retaliate after having a shoe thrown at her. Police reports say that the girl threw the shoe back, and was jumped by at least seven students in response.

According to ABC News, one of the accused said that they punched the girl “10 to 15 times.”

The bus driver, unable to control the situation, drove to the school where administration and police came to his aid.


Authorities state that a judge ordered that the students be kept in home confinement, and they may be criminally charged with felony battery and disorderly conduct, and face expulsion.

The victim was admitted to the hospital with a “concussion, severe bruising and muscle spasms.” It is unknown if she has been released from medical care.

Marion County School District spokesman Kevin Christian reportedly said that the school and the bus driver did everything correctly and followed “training guidelines.”

“What we’ve got works,” Christian said. “The fact that the seven students were arrested shows clearly it works.”

“It’s an outrage that seven kids would attack one kid regardless of [the] situation,” he added.

The school has a “bully prevention program” that encourages students to help others who are bullied, include students “who are easily left out” and to tell an adult at school or home if they witness someone being bullied.

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