Man arrested after posting Facebook pic of duct-taped baby

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A man has been arrested after posting a photo on Facebook

Chicago police have arrested a man who they say posted a photo online of his one-year-old daughter bound in duct tape.

According to The Smoking Gun, Andre Curry, 21, was charged with aggravated domestic battery after displaying a photo on his Facebook profile showing the girl with her wrists and ankles wrapped in blue duct tape, with tape also placed over her mouth. Curry added the caption, “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; ).”

The image didn’t go over very well with some of Curry’s Facebook friends, who left comments on the photo saying things like, “U goin to jail,” and another calling him a “nasty dirty child abuser.”

The Sun-Times reports that another one of Curry’s Facebook friends reported him to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, who presumably alerted police to the photo.

The photo has since been removed from Curry’s Facebook account.

One of Curry’s friends, Je’Vanna Cobbins, told TSG that she thought he was likely “just playing around” and that he likely didn’t physically harm the girl.

DCFS indicated that they are conducting an investigation into the alleged abuse, and that they have had no previous reports about abuse by Curry or any other members of the family.

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  • LadyDamn

    Sick Stupid Ppl in this world! he should never be able to see or hear this angel ever again! And that doesn’t look like Any duct tape that I ever seen, Looks like masking tape?? Maybe.. But None the less this was just sick and so wrong on many levels. I am sure his celly!! will do the same to him and a Little more!! in prison!

  • sunfulower

    ok, this is what I am going to say. I am the most loving and forgiving person. I even give the seemingly most wretched souls the benefit of the doubt. If you knew me, you would say I am too forgiving, ok with that being said, I dont even know where to begin. I am lost for words. This piece of f*****g s**t father is too nice of a word. I never seen anything like this and I’ve seen it ALL. Nevermind the duct tape around this poor baby girls hands and ankles, but to put duct tape over the mouth makes it really hard to breathe! I HOPE THIS MOTHER F*****r BURNS IN HELL!!!!!!! NO MERCY FOR THIS SCUM OF THE EARTH!! HE SHOULD KILL HIMSELF!! To have your hands and ankles and then your mouth duct tape is very suffocating!!! I am literally crying. If this mother leaves this baby with the father ever again, then she is a piece of s**t too and should be locked up!!! THIS IS SO SERIOUS. I WOULD LIKE FOR ANYONE WHO MIGHT FEEL EVEN A LITTLE SORRY FOR THIS GUY PUT DUCT TAPE OVER THEIR MOUTH AND SEE HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO BREATHE AND THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE!!! F**K THIS A**HOLE PIECE OF S**T MOTHER F****R!!!! AND THEN HE HAD THE F******G AUDICATY TO PUT IT ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!! THIS SHOWS WHAT A NARCISSITIC F**K HE IS. BRAVO TO THE PERSON WHO CALLED THE POLICE!!! THIS IS SO SERIOUS. HE BETTER GET A HARSH PUNISHMENT!!

  • Harry Monmouth

    My dad used to do this to my brother and me.  We thought it was fun.