High school cancels winter ball over 'grinding'

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Teens grinding makes one New York High School's dance come to a screeching halt. Photo via Samuel Maycock Flickr Commons.

One New York high school has decided to handle the problem of “dirty dancing” amongst the students by canceling its winter ball.

Skaneateles High School officials have tried in the past to implement various rules to stop students from “grinding” on each other, as well as teaching them how to dance “properly” and playing different music.

But it takes a lot more than that to overcome surging teen hormones, and last year’s dance found the students still dancing sexily with the girls wearing skimpy clothes.

So this year the school decided to go with the elders from Footloose approach and cancel the annual Snow Ball altogether, according to the Post-Standard.


School Principal Georgette Hoskins told the paper, “We really felt our policies and procedures were not effective.”

“We determined we couldn’t hold another school-wide dance,” Hoskins added.

Other schools in the area have also tried to curb “sexually suggestive styles” of dancing, with one school replacing modern dance music with decidedly un-grindable “oldies” music.

Hoskins is asking the school’s student council to come up with alternative school-wide activities of a more wholesome sort to take place instead of the Snow Ball — ones that presumably don’t involve simulated sex.

Fortunately for juniors and seniors, their spring proms are still a go.

“Right now we’re sticking with the smaller dances,” Hoskins said.

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