Herman Cain 'reassessing' candidacy

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Herman Cain might have a mountain too high to climb. Photo via Cain campaign.

Cain does yet another “reassessment” about his campaign, as the National Review Online breaks the story that he made a conference call to his staff this morning (11/29/11).

Whether you believe the accusations or not, whether you believe in Herman Cain’s vision for America or not, and whether you believe he is qualified to run a country or not, the one thing you have to say for him – the man is nothing if not completely analytical, a true number cruncher.

Herman Cain has been battling doubts in the straw polls, doubts in his vision, doubts in his credentials and doubts in his morality. With the state of politics these days (Kennedy would not have been elected, nor would FDR), it is surprising anyone would want to spend the millions upon millions of dollars and put their entire lives out there to be dissected, scrutinized, lied about or skeletons dug up, in order to vie for the job of US President.

Now, with the much ado about his moral codes and accusations of sexual misconduct, he is out to do another “reassessment” of his continuation in his bid for the Republican nominee for the White House.


In a recent poll (mid-November 2011), 43% of men believe Cain innocent, while 42% believe the woman. Of women polled, a larger percentage (58%) believe Cain and only 24% are willing to give the candidate the benefit of the doubt.

All in all, no matter where people stand on the issue of his lack of moral judgment, polls also show that in a face to face election, Cain would lose to President Obama 53% to 47%, a wider gap than McCain lost to Obama in 2008 (52% to 48%).

Many believe Cain should drop out of the race because of the accusations, while others simply believe he should drop out because he cannot beat Obama in 2012. Others opinion that if he is innocent of the charges, then it is tragic as it provides a “more toxic political climate for all” – giving a free reign for more of the same against other candidates.

Cain will “reassess” over the next few days and then make his announcement, once he can see how his supporters react to the latest claims.

Herman Cain is a Republican candidate for the 2012 Presidential GOP nomination, and has been a former businessman, CEO and radio talk show host.

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