Parents upset after "Hooters Girl" invited to school career day

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Hooters girl talks with students about work. Via Google Images.

The parent of a Clearwater, Florida student is complaining to administrators after the appearance of Brittany Morgan, a “Hooters Girl,” at her child’s school.  Morgan, 23,  had been invited participate in Thursday’s Great American Teach-In.

Professionals with different careers come to Bay area schools each year to teach kids and teens about different jobs. On Thursday, Morgan, a server at the Clearwater Hooters, was invited to speak at nearby Calvin A. Hunsinger School. Her audience was high school and middle school students.

A day after the event, Morgan said, “Everyone was very nice and they seemed happy for me to be there.”

One parent from the school called the idea of inviting a server from Hooters to speak to students inappropriate.


Morgan said, “I didn’t go in my uniform or anything. I had a track suit on. I was covered up more than most of the students.” She further stated that she respects the parent’s opinion, but she felt that there was nothing inappropriate about her presentation and she believes that the parent might not have complained if she was a waitress at another restaurant.

Brittany went on, “I don’t see anything wrong with being a server. Most of us are young women working our way through school and aspire to be other things in life.” She says she plans to return to school to earn a degree herself. She’s thinking about a degree in psychology so she can work with children.

Morgan says that even a server has some things to teach about professionalism and self respect. She said, “Customer service is the most important thing about my job. To make sure I’m friendly and nice to everybody… and it’s the customer that matters.” 

Morgan says despite the complaint, she wouldn’t rule out coming back to te school next year. She said, “I would do it again. Like I said I enjoyed it.”


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