6-year-old boy accused of molestation is allegedly tortured by his accusers

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Wisconsin boy, 6, accused of rape after girl's mom finds them playing 'doctor'. Photo via Blake Campbell.

A young Wisconsin boy, age 6, was accused by one of the boy’s playmate’s mothers of sexually assaulting her daughter by sticking his finger in her anus. The little girl denied that the boy had done that, but the mother reportedly moved forward with her relentless plight to have the boy prosecuted for rape. The incident, which happened in the fall of 2010, happened at the home of a prominent politician in Grant County, Wisconsin. The alleged victim’s aunt is also Regional Social Services Supervisor, raising questions by the accused boy’s parents of conspiracy. The boy’s family now claims that the politically connected family used their connections to humiliate, bully and crucify the boy’s family in the community.

The little boy, who is now 7, apparently suffered from an illness which required anal exams at a young age. The parent’s contend that the boy also has ADHD. The children reportedly told the mother of the alleged victim that they had been playing ‘doctor’. The girls younger brother, age 5, was also with them during the alleged incident.

The boys parents claim that the youngster didn’t know what he was doing was wrong. Coupled with the fact that the original police report stated the girl denied the boy had touched her inappropriately, the credibility of a  Wisconsin Judge, who refused to throw the case out and motioned to move forward with the criminal prosecution of the 6-year-old boy may also be interpreted as further conspiratorial behavior.

The parents of the accused boy, Jennifer and Kurt D, have filed a harassment lawsuit against the prosecuting attorney and the girl’s family. They also claim that the District Attorney, Lisa Riniker, was pressuring them into signing a ‘consent’ agreement which would be akin to consenting to guilt.  They claim that social services and the DA, Riniker, likely want to use such a consent form to take the boy from their custody.


Source: Pioneer Press

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  • Riniker had the power to stop this absurd nonsense, but didn’t.
    This type of thing is stressful for parents and can be permanently damaging to young children, if handled incorrectly,
    as Riniker and other officials have done. All those officials
    who took these extreme actions should resign, as they are obviously unfit to hold positions of such importance, in the
    community. I hope the boy’s family wins their legal fight and
    that Riniker and her supporters live to regret their actions.

  • dude

    Please tell me, why i as an European, shouldn’t be worried about travelling to United States of America?

    It’s absurd laws and prosecutions like these that make me scared to ever go there. Especially dixieland.

    This makes me sickening, to add to the fact as the boy turns 18, he’d be put on the rape list. I despite whole USA the more time moves on.

    • If you despise the United States, then stay away.  Are you scared you might be a suspect or a victim?  For Heaven’s sake, the child was 6 years old.  This is the age of exploration.  Any good child psychiatrist would tell anyone who asked, that this is perfectly normal behavious.  The little girl’s mother obviously has a major problem herself.  She might do well to seek counselling to try to find out where her issues are coming from.  Sounds like she might have been a victim of abuse herself at one time.

  • Ash

    @dude – this didn’t happen in Dixieland.

    And trust me, there are people that were born here in the US that are ashamed to admit they live here because of absurdities like this.

  • Silent Eyes

    OMG! What a waste of Public Time and Money…HE’S 6 YEARS OLD!!! And curious,Like every other Girl and Boy in that age bracket.

    He or She who has NEVER played *Doctor* while in their Formative Years,Please Stand-Up….
    Keee-Riste,I played Dr.Kildare untill I was old enough to know ‘Right from Wrong’…PEOPLE!!These Are Children…CHILDREN!!!
    It’s the Adults who need to grow-up in this story.

  • If this were my son, I would be in jail for beating the hell out of this little girls mother! What an idiot! She shouldn’t be called a mom. I hope this little boys comes out of this silly crap ok. As for this prosecutor/judge, they should go to jail! idiots!!!

  • @dude,

    You should be allowed into the US, with that fucking horrible grammar and spelling. European? You sure you aren’t from Africa, or Mars? Learn to spell, because I “despite” your sentences!

  • Poor Boy. How can a mother use her political advantage in such a way! This will haunt this boy his whole life.

  • PissedinNY

    @Dude? – you’re one to talk.. Oh I’m sorry, you mean “DESPISE” Shut you’re f***in’ mouth you intellectual wannabe. Admit it, you’re a Bigot and f***in’ MORON!

  • delilahjanssen

    My daughter just turned 7 and I remembered when she was 6, she’d do and play silly things with her friends.  One time, she stuck a pencil up her nose because her friends thought that’d be funny. Kids don’t know any better, they just do silly, stupid things because they think it’s fun or funny – that’s why it’s up to us parents to point out the right from the wrong. 

  • Geez… this kid is going to turn 18, and be registered as a SEX OFFENDER which will follow him the rest of his life… and due to the fact that most humans tend to be ignorant clods, it WON’T MATTER that it was for “playing doctor” when he was 6 years old. He will be a despised, unemployable pariah to 99% of Americans!
    Frankly, I won’t blame this kid if he renounces his citizenship, moves to the Middle East, and joins Al-Qaeda when he grows up. (Not that I want that to happen. And it wouldn’t be RIGHT for him to do so. BUT, what obligation would he be under to “do right by” ANYONE in this society, were we to take away his ability to be a happy, successful productive citizen for a reason like this?)