Math teacher admits taking payment for grades

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Math teacher admits changing grades for money

ABC News is reporting that Jeff Spires, a Florida high school teacher, has resigned after he admitted to allowing students to pay him cash in exchange for changing grades on math quizzes and exams. Spires instructed students to staple cash to the quiz or exam that they wanted adjusted in order to raise their grades. Two students paid amounts ranging from $15 to $40 to improve their scores on various assignments.

Spires admitted to taking the money after students reported the activity to school administrators. He said he was motivated by his personal circumstances which included financial problems, bankruptcy, and arrests. The report did not detail the reasons for the other arrests.

Spires resigned his position shortly after being suspended without pay. Officials also noted that he did turn down $200 from a student who offered the money with a request that he change her quarter grade from a ‘B’ to an ‘A’. He said he refused the offer because the final grade had already been submitted.

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