Chicago and nearby suburb want to impose fines and taxes on shopping bags

Shopping bags on trial, consumers to pay the price

Shopping bags may go the way of the dinosaur if certain politicians have their way. Photo via Carlos Gustavo Curado.

An upscale Illinois town, Evanston, which borders Chicago to it’s north is considering an outright ban of shopping bags. If they can’t get a ban to pass, they have a plan-B which would tax consumers .05 cents for every shopping bag a they take, whether paper or plastic, it doesn’t matter.

It’s much larger sister city, Chicago, is also considering an all-out ban on bags as well or taxing consumers as much as .10 cents per plastic bag they take. One Chicago Alderman, Moreno, is suggesting fines for retail establishments who ignore the proposal, assuming it passes city council. Moreno also favors charging retail stores a .10 tax surcharge when they order plastic bags from bag distributors and manufacturers.

As many as 13 states have cities who have adopted such taxes or bans on plastic bags in effort to become more environmentally friendly. Politicians claim that consumers are addicted to shopping bags which have dire consequences to our eco-system, yet plenty of consumers claim that politicians have an addiction to fines and taxes.

Evanston business owners aren’t as concerned for the trees, claiming the shopping bag restriction hinders business especially if consumers know they have to pay for bags, they’ll go to nearby towns where they’re not penalized for the convenience.


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