Texas teen gets restraining order against Child Protective Services

14 year old girl's parents file for order of protection against CPS

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14 year old girl's parents file for order of protection against CPS

Teen and her family just want CPS to leave them alone so they sue them and win.

A 14 year old Texas teen reportedly had to endure alleged abuse in a group home where she resided for a year and a half, having been taken away from her family over an incident which was reported by KHOU TV to be a misunderstanding. The girl eventually ran away from the group home and the girls parents found her after a case worker called her home and reported her missing. The family’s lawyer claims that the case worker told the family that ‘if they found her, they could keep her’.

The family’s lawyer contends that thousands of children are needlessly taken from their families every year and placed into foster homes or group homes where they are abused.

The girl’s family decided to fight back. They took CPS to court and asked for an order of protection, which the judge granted. The court ordered CPS to stay away from the girl and stop harming the chld in the name of “protecting” her.

The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform says this is the first time they’ve heard of filing restraining orders against Children and Family Services. The family of the teen hopes that this sends a message to CPS agencies nationwide — to help children in real danger and stop using valuable resources to place children who are loved in abusive situations.

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  • Sally

    OOPS! retaining order? Who does your proofreading? RESTRAINING ORDER would have gotten much more attention.
    I applaud these parents! They now need to sue CPS for kidnapping and abuse of a child.
    CPS is a national disgrace!

  • estoy de acuerdo con el comentario de sally. soy padre de ocho hijos y e sufrido esido aterrorisado maltratado etc.etc. por policias,terapistas de familia, trabajadores sociales,jueses, corte de familia, y sus mediadores.de mi vida se puede aser libros, peliculas, teatro,etc.”entiendo el dolor de texas teen y sus padres”ami me destrosaron emosional sicolojica mente de la misma manera a mis hijos he podido salbar a mis dos ultimos hijos son jemelos con lo cual vivo,son muy felices me abrasan y me agradesen estar con migo,uno toca la tronpeta y el otro el baritone y sus grados de la escuela son abansados todo esto nos apasado en SAN JOSE CA.”todas las personas que usan el poder para afectar y destrosar a otros deben de pagar de igual o peor manera”.

  • Bergen, Norway:

    Excellent! The CPS is a menace all over the world, doing just what this article says: They do NOT protect and help children who badly need it, but instead make a fat living out of destroying children and parents who love each other.

  • Rosarita

    I think a lot more suits will follow. So many kids are being taken without regard to their safety or well being. These children are placed in abusive situations! This needs to CEASE

  • Katherine

    As the movement to end child protection fraud and government child confiscation programs gains momentum across this country, we will see more of these actions mentioned in this article.

    Common tactics of government child confiscation programs use the necessity medical supports, autism, poverty, domestic violence, divorce, disability, to name a few, under the guise of an intervention issue. 90% of the 500,000 children legally kidnapped annually by the government child confiscation programs need never be removed~ these are considered conservative estimates… everyone is chasing those federal dollars, funneling $ into the supportive arms of CPS activities (Bachmann’s foster milling and her husband’s practice is an obvious example, Kids For Cash another). Family judicial processes are fraught with deception for the falsely accused.

    The CPS abuse hotlines are used for revenue streams of children~ many families know this, abuse this, calling in lies to CPS agencies when angry at a family member. SS investigations then set out to prove these lies, and take the lies into their corrupt theatrical judiciaries using the lowest judicial standard of evidence. A diligent, prudent, or reasonable investigation from CPS is sorely absent~ that the masses do not know this, and trust the system, needs to be understood.

    Mandated reporters are naive or poorly intentioned, under the watchful eyes of their colleagues, with laws that force their hand. The academized indoctrination of many professions who touch child protection fraud industries cannot see their own misguided ways.

    Senator Nancy Schaefer addressed the DC Senate on the complete corruption of CPS, her and her husband were subsequently murdered. Beverly Tran, a legalese mind who represents the movement to end CPS corruption before Congress, explains the Title IV funding corruption by CPS in terms everyone can understand.

    Let us not forget the hundreds of thousands of children, and their parents, who have long since lost their lives.

    • Lawrence Espinoza

      They’re stilld8ing it

  • Morgan Farantino-Clark

    i think this family who at least fought back and win, now hopefully suing for money damages,too! but for her family to procure a restraint order against child protection services,there in TEXAS? yes i think it is a first,and praying as lawsuit against CPS i pray more will follow.See? when your fighting the BEAST,crooked perjury-caseworkers you can win in the end,everyone,and thank you for this article,we heard of this too so thanks so much,from Director of http://www.suecps.weebly.com
    SUE CPS BellasLaw.

  • disqus_5WUaRhViXY

    If any one knows how to get in touch with this family or this attorney please contact me at this address fighttxcps@yahoo.com I am actually trying to find an attorney to help me in the suit against TX CPS my daughter and son are being abused in foster care. My daughter had cig burns on her last week and is always coming up with new marks as well as my son. They used to tell me how they got them and now they are to scared to say anything because everytime they do something else happens to them.

  • Lawrence Espinoza

    Eric McNeil did it for real