Car crash: Injured senior ate bugs and leaves to survive

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David Lavau, 67, survived car for days after the driver of the vehicle went over a cliff near Los Angeles. Photo via social networking.

Family members were elated to find missing family member and father, David Lavau, 67 — retracing the path he may have taken using his debit card purchase at a nearby grocery store as a clue. Little did the family know that Lavau had experienced a horrific car crash about an hour north of Los Angeles, California, in which he survived, but the driver of the vehicle did not. Apparently the driver lost control of the car sending the car plunging 200 ft. over a cliff in the mountainous area of Los Angeles.

Lavau is said to have suffered from multiple broken bones and a dislocated shoulder. He waited for days, reportedly eating bugs and leaves and getting water from a nearby creek in order to survive. In spite of his injuries, he managed to create a makeshift camp at the bottom of the ravine in the Angeles National Forest where he was stuck, unable to climb out or seek help due to his injuries and the location of the wreck.

Lavau is now recovering at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. Although he needs surgery, none of his injuries are considered life threatening.

Source: CBS News

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