4 yr. old runs over mother who is now in critical condition

There is a reason toddlers don't drive

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There is a reason toddlers don't drive

Mall where 33 year old mother was accidentally run over by her preschooler son. Photo via Festival Bay Mall website.

A 4 year old accidentally put his mother’s car into reverse and ran her over in the parking lot of a suburban mall in Orlando, Florida. Thirty three year old Amara Khan had just strapped her 3 year old daughter, Aiza, into her carseat in the backseat on the passenger side. She then began walking behind the car to retrieve her son who was sitting in the front seat. She had reportedly sat her 4 year old son, Ahmed, in the driver seat while she secured her daughter in the back seat the vehicle.

As she went to get Ahmed and put him into his proper seat, the youngster accidentally shifted the car into reverse, thereby running over his mother and pinning her under the car. The mother reportedly left the car running while the child during this process.

Somebody in the mall parking lot heard the woman call for help and firefighters were called to remove her. Khan is now being treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center and is listed in critical condition.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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  • Anonymous s

    She has passed away today 10/1/11 may she rest in peace

  • Robin Phillips

    This was one of the saddest days of my life…pulling the two children from the car as they cried for there mommy…My heart goes out to the entire family and if anyone has a address that I can send something for the children, it would be greatly appreciated….I only had the kids for a few hours but it seemed like days….
    God bless the Khan family…