Second grader treated for alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer

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Don't drink this, kids!

A Virginia second grader was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after downing hand sanitizer at school.

Christy Grant, 7, told her father that a classmate had dared her to drink the sanitizer, and she took the challenge. And her father, Glen, wants to know where the teacher was to prevent this from happening.

“Under supervision, this would have never happened,” Glen told Washington DC’s Fox-5.

Glen’s fiance, Ashley Washington, added, “They’re telling me it was a couple of pumps. Maybe one or two. The doctor’s telling me there’s no way that it was two pumps and her blood alcohol is that high.”


Most commercial hand sanitizers are approximately 70% alcohol, and more and more schools nationwide provide students with access to hand sanitizer in the classroom to use before and after lunch period and after bathroom breaks. But teachers don’t usually encourage children to drink it.

Hospital reports indicated that Christy had alcohol poisoning, and that she was unconscious and unresponsive as she was taken away in an ambulance.

Glen said he had “faith” in the school that his daughter would “be properly supervised” and that school staff let him down, and that nobody from the school has explained to him what happened.

Washington stated that her “biggest issue” is that the sanitizer shouldn’t be accessible to students, and Glen agreed, saying the kids “taste, they touch out of curiosity.”

He puts the blame solely on Christy’s teacher, however, saying, “If [the teacher is] not there to watch them and protect them, you’re not doing your job. You don’t need to be around children. Period.”

Glen says he is going to pull Christy out of her current Neabsco Elementary School in Dale City and start sending her to a different school — presumably one that keeps hand sanitizer under lock and key.

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  • Dana

    This is not the teacher’s fault. Why did he not teach his child better than to take a stupid dare to drink alcohol? Lesson learned perhaps?
    Teacher’s have too many other children to watch without supervising the dare devil. How many other children are seriously stupid, yes stupid, enough to turn up a bottle of hand sanitizer? Does he have to constantly monitor this brat at home to ensure she doesn’t turn up the anti-bacterial soap & down it?
    Will he folow her around on play dates to ensure she doesn’t take the dare to drink bleach or eat a pellet of rat poison? Is she so neglected at home that this was her only way to get attention? I suppose it is always easier to cast blame upon someone else to blind the facts of bad parenting.He should ask himself these questions & then decide if the teacher was at all to blame. Teacher’s job to school your child, common sense falls upon parenting.