Young Florida man out with family catches 800 lb. alligator with fishing pole

'Holy alligator'

Tim Stroh, 19, reels in 800 lb. alligator with bass fishing pole. Screen shot via Today Show.

Nineteen year old Tim Stroh sums up catching an 800 lb. alligator rather succinctly by saying, “Holy alligator.”

The son of Steve and Rachel Stroh, the close family runs a taxidermy store in Hobe Sound, Florida but this kind of a catch is a first. An apt mantra for the Strohs family — families who hunt alligators together, stick together. The family went out as a team in search of a humungous alligator which was rumored to be in the St. Lucie River.

And it was a humungous alligator they found.

At 12 ft., 3-inches and 800 lbs., each of the family members tried their hand at trying to reel in the beast when Tim Stroh used what his father described as “puny” rod — a measly little bass fishing pole to finish the job the others couldn’t. Using a .44 caliber gun shell, Tim hit the alligator on the head when he got him close enough to the boat. It took 4 people to carry the beast to shore.

The family has several plans to use up all the resources of the alligator, from key chains, to lamps to mounting it’s head on Tim’s wall.

Tim’s father Steve, a taxidermist, says the family has been alligator hunting for many years and this is, “…the largest gator I’ve seen since I started guiding hunts in 1989,” he told

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    Great job. U have a lot of courage .