Police: WA couple accused of prior heinous child abuse have child returned, now accused of severely torturing another child

Police respond to concerned citizens report that young girl was being severely abused in Washington

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Police respond to concerned citizens report that young girl was being severely abused in Washington

Police intervene on behalf of 10 yr. old girl who appeared to be starving to death and abused by her adoptive parents. Photo via Mukilteo police website.

A young girl, 10, living with her adoptive family outside of Seattle, Washington, was taken to the Mukilteo, WA Police Station after she was found by police in a state they described as “emaciated”. The police were alerted to a potentially abusive situation when a convenient store clerk called authorities after witnessing the young girl coming in with her adoptive mother exhibiting sunken eyes, visible skeleton protrusions and gashes on her skin. The clerk also claimed the mother was verbally abusive to the girl.

Police followed up and upon seeing the girl, felt she was severely malnourished, although the girl denied she was being abused and insisted her parents were ‘nice’ and ‘fed her a lot’. At the police station, the girl reportedly scarfed down tons of popcorn and pop-tarts and asked for a sandwich. Police also saw what appeared to be a bite wound healing and witnessed grossly exposed ribs. Social workers recommended that the girl be taken into custody and taken to the hospital.

The 10 yr. old was admitted weighting only 51 lbs. Doctors observed ‘severe malnutrition’ as well as evidence of gashed and bruises leading them to believe that she had been beaten. The girl had only been with her adoptive parents for about a year.

The couple facing charges for child abuse have been investigated for like crimes in the past. They were also investigated for child abuse in 2009 when a 16 year old boy pleaded with authorities not to return him to the home because of the severe abuse he had to endure there. Although the couple admitted that they fed the boy only slop and made him sleep in a tent in the backyard, the court returned the boy to the couple anyway.


Source: Heraldnet

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  • meankitty

    How can anyone return or allow a kid to be with this family. I sure hope they go to jail and I have only 2 words for them—general population.

  • Natasha Johnson

    Sounds like the Washington authorities need to have an internal investigation into why these people are give innocents after all they have done!

  • Ruth

    That is horrible! They had all ready known that the child was serverly abused! And they sent him BACK?! The judge that did that should be fired and put in jail because he enabled the torture of that boy and this girl. Because if he had locked them up like he should have that little girl wouldn’t have gone to that family she would have been adopted by a kind family that loves her! I would also like to point out they adopted these children which means they took them in to torture them! That isn’t right! They NEED to go to jail other whys another child could get taken to them and be abused! I will be praying for those children, they need it.

  • The 16 yr. old boy was abused and begged not to be sent back to his family b/c of extreme abuse. This was in 2009. This 10 yr. old girl was adopted a year ago, sometime in Aug 2010; so why were these people allowed to adopt if they had previously been investigated for abuse? I don’t understand how they could have slipped through the cracks, and now another child has been abused.