Will book publishers gamble on the success of a Casey Anthony book?

Casey Anthony is a convicted felon and her lawyers admit she's a liar so a book deal may be tricky

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Casey Anthony is a convicted felon and her lawyers admit she's a liar so a book deal may be tricky

Casey Anthony may have a hard time selling her book if she ever gets a deal.

As rumor and speculation continue to mount as to the extended opportunities for mother of slain toddler Caylee Anthony, reports have now surfaced that Casey Anthony is looking to profit off her young daughters death after being formally acquitted of any responsibility associated with her toddler’s death. We’ve heard everything from stories of multi-million dollar offers for interviews to a recent “anonymous” source telling the Los Angeles Examiner that Anthony had accepted a six figure offer to write a book. The book was to reveal the identity of Caylee’s father according to the source. However, speculations of such a book deal has been vehemently denied by Anthony’s lead defense lawyer, Jose Baez.

Last month, Fox News Tampa reported that Baez himself was in talks with several talent agencies and book publishers to promote his own brand and talent opportunities. Fox News cites one anonymous source who claimed that Baez was in talks with several cable news stations about becoming a legal news “expert”. The New York Post also reported recently that Baez has partnered with a top literary agent and is looking into how to sell his story in print.

Casey Anthony’s story may be a difficult sell since she is a convicted felon, having been found guilty of check fraud and grand larceny last year. The fallout of the conviction may require her to come back to Florida and serve a probationary period of one year. Currently the details of the probation order are in dispute. Anthony’s lawyers are trying desperately to overturn the decision, claiming that the Judge in the check fraud, Judge Belvin Perry, doesn’t have jurisdiction over the case any longer. They’re also arguing that Florida is too dangerous for Anthony whom the majority of Americans feel a great sense of injustice when Anthony was found “not guilty” by a jury of peers early last month.

Although Anthony cannot be tried again for the murder of her daughter, it is unlikely she will reveal the truth or is even capable of telling the truth as Baez fully admitted during the trial. Such a pattern of pathological lying likely diminishes any and all credibility of her story for a book or interview. It’s a gamble as to whether the general public would spend their hard earned money, in such desperate economic times on further bets of likely perpetuated lies and deceit. A publisher could stand to lose financially if their gamble on such a book bombs in sales.

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  • Carlton West

    Casey Anthony’s racy, revealing autobiography is certain to be a blockbuster best-seller, and will rocket to #1 spot as soon as it’s available on pre-order. Casey is a fascinating lady with an exciting story to tell.

  • Slacker

    Some fools will buy it, but not this fool. Since she’s an admitted liar, you can’t believe anything she says anyway. Save your money. Publishers would be crazy to take a chance. Look how well OJ’s book “If I Did It” sold. ROFL

  • Natalie

    So Baez considers himself quite the talented attorney….. he just lucked out with the mentally disabled jury – even they said they did not believe his story. He did a joke of a job and maybe because it was such a joke it took hold. He is so out of his mind if he thinks this trial was an example of great lawyer-ing. He lied and destroyed – he had no ethics – no soul. It was evil. I don’t believe that being a defense attorney equates to having no respect for humanity I think in the end, he will have the biggest fallout as a human being. His mission was making money off the trial period. And now he is out there peddling himself if he can’t peddle Casey. I expect to see an eventual side show with admission to see Casey like at the circus. He would stoop to that if nothing else works. After all, she owes him. I predicted this almost three years ago.
    And by the way, the ‘supposed’ naming of Caylee’s father is just a HOOK to make people hungry to buy the book. Casey and her attorney are two empty, mean and devious people who somehow found eachother.