Mother gives birth to twins out of separate wombs

She had no idea she had a double uterus

Rinku Devi knew that she was carrying twins, but it wasn’t until she went into labour that doctors noticed the twins were in separate wombs. This is extremely rare – Rinku has two uteruses, and conceived her children in successive menstrual cycles.

Rinku Devi and her newborn twins, who are all said to be doing fine despite the condition. Photo released by family.

This is a condition which is reported once per year across the world – it is a one in 50 million event, and the pregnancy is often fatal – both mother and babies are at risk, and there is a very high risk of miscarriage and premature labour.

Despite having a previous child, doctors had not picked up on her condition, and decided a Caesarean section was the safest option. Her babies were delivered by gynaecologist Dr Dipti Singh in Patna, India. Her children were very light, weight 4.4lbs and 3.3lbs, or 2kg and 1.5kg, but are both making good progress.

Rinku said; “I got to know about having two uteruses when I was already in labour pain. I didn’t know how to react. I was in pain and quite scared. I had not heard anything like this before.”

Dr Singh told local media; “I knew from her reports that she was carrying twins, but when I understood the situation I was alittle taken back. I had never handled such a case before. Rinku was not aware that she had two uteruses, even though she had delivered her first child four years earlier.”

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