Australian bomb girl is now safe after 10 hour ordeal

Police have successfully removed a collar bomb which was attached to her neck

Australian police have managed to successfully rescue an 18-year-old girl who was wearing a necklace bomb.

Police on Millionaire Row earlier today. Photo via Metro.

The girl, whose identity has now been revealed as Madeleine Pulver, phoned the police after a man in a balaclava broke into the family’s home on Millionaire Row in Sydney, and attached the bomb and ransom note to the girl.

Police, bomb disposal experts and ambulances were all in attendance, and after 10 hours of being strapped to the explosives – and amazingly managing to stay calm – the girl was freed. The street was evacuated.

Police revealed that they did not communicate with the culprit, and it is not known if they have any leads.

Madeleine turned 18 three weeks ago, and is in the final year of school, according to Sky News. It is believed the ransom note was demanding money from her father, a wealthy businessman.


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