Florida Department of Corrections reportedly botches Casey Anthony's felony probation

Concerns mount as the Florida Department of Corrections seems to allow Casey Anthony to shirk probabtion obligations set forth for felony charges back in January 2010, before murder trial began

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Concerns mount as the Florida Department of Corrections seems to allow Casey Anthony to shirk probabtion obligations set forth for felony charges back in January 2010, before murder trial began

Florida Department of Corrections being accused of allowing Casey Anthony to skip her probation. Screen shot via Orlando Sentinel.

Judge Strickland who presided over numerous Casey Anthony felony charges in January 2010,  which seemed to fly under the radar in contrast to the murder charges Casey Anthony was famously acquitted of, ordered probation for when Casey got out of jail, but nobody’s owning up to it. In January 2010, Anthony was convicted of six felony charges, including grand theft larceny for forging and stealing checks from a former friend who pressed charges against her. Casey Anthony was supposed to serve jail time plus a one year probation period for those felony convictions but the Florida Department of Corrections have seemingly ignored the probation requirement.

Meanwhile Judge Strickland claims he no longer has authority to enforce the probation he set forth in her conviction because he gave that authority over to the state after recusing himself in Anthony’s murder trial. Since he had already convicted Anthony of felonies, he felt there could be a perception of bias if he were to preside in the murder trial. According to the terms of her felony check fraud sentence however, she was supposed to serve a one year probation period which would limit her freedom to travel outside Orange County and require probationary supervision for one full year.

Upon recusal, Judge Strickland’s probationary intentions and enforcement fell to the Florida Department of Corrections to carry out, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The Florida Department of Corrections however, claims that the probation terms confused them so rather than seek clarification, they added fuel to the already outraged public’s opinion fire for which, 3 out of 4 people believe her to responsible for her toddler’s death although she was ultimately acquitted of that crime. The Florida Department of Corrections felt that she met the obligation of her probation while incarcerated, but experts say that is ridiculous — that nobody serves probation while in prison. That’s not the point of probation.

While Judge Strickland’s sentence of one year jail time and probation clearly states that Anthony is not to have any personal contact with the prosecution’s client, Amy Huizenga, one could logically assume that probation was outside the confines of prison.


If the Florida Department of Corrections is reading Judge Strickland’s intention incorrectly in his transcripts, it means that the state has bungled Casey Anthony’s probation obligation and gave special permission to Anthony to circumvent her legal obligations not offered to other convicted felons.

If the public didn’t already feel violated by the outcome of her murder trial, this treatment of Anthony’s potential obligation to the state will only further rub salt int he wounds of those seeking some sort of vindication in the case.

Below you can view the sentencing followed by the terms of the probation for Grand Theft Larceny which Judge Strickland clearly states — to be served after her prison term is served:

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  • cindy hulett

    I’d like to know why she hasn’t been held accountable for the probation. No one else gets to serve their probation while serving time. Period!

  • Michele Ramos

    Well, what is the State going to do? Just say, “Ooops???” She was found “Not guilty” of murder, which is a hard pill to swallow, but she pleaded GUILTY for check fraud. Her probation was to begin, upon her release, not during! These are two separate crimes. What is going on with this case? Will someone do the right thing. She is not a celebrity or not above the law. The state of Florida needs to correct the mistake!

  • Pat

    This violation of probation should be jail time send leonard padilla to bring her back to orange County

  • Karrieann

    I am so pissed off by this! Does ANYONE in Florida, with power, have a brain or conscience? Why is it that this whore has gotten away with murder and now she she is walking on this? Wow! You people better start getting your shit together and FRY THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debbie

    This is ridiculous!!! There have been so many foul-ups in this case. Casey Anthony was ordered to serve one year probation after being released from jail and she needs to be serving that. This was ordered by a Judge. Someone needs to follow through with these orders. I have always wondered how she got out of jail a free woman when she was ordered to serve one year probation. No one else gets away with not following a Judge’s orders and she doesn’t need to get away with it either. No wonder the public’s hate and anger for Casey Anthony will not subside, the justice system is making a mockery of all other convicted criminals in Florida by letting her get away with everything her & her sick family have gotten away with. Cindy Anthony should be serving time for perjury and since Florida lets attorneys use anything and everything in their opening statements & this jury feels that George molested Casey and had something to do with Caylee’s death, he needs to be serving time in prison also!

  • Ed

    The regional office for the Florida Department of Corrections is in Orlando and they throughout the years have demanded, “A probation is Tolled when the offender is not available for supervision (Incarcerated).” Tolled means the Probation is held in abeyance until the offender is released from incarceration. If there was a Probation Order the DC policy dictates that the offender (CA) had to be instructed on the probation orders within 7 days and instructed to report to the local probation office upon release…. This issue has been debated on LeoAffairs.com long before CA was tried on the murder charge. If as it appears and CA is not now serving a 1 yr. felony probation then the Orlando DC Regional Office should be closed down.

  • Didn’t she get in trouble while in jail for passing letters to another inmate – isn’t that a violation of probation. In Casey’s words “come on now”. Please, this case is disrespectful to the whole country!