Sarah Palin to be grandmother for the second time

Track Palin's wife is pregnant, making Sarah Palin a grandmother for the second time

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Track Palin's wife is pregnant, making Sarah Palin a grandmother for the second time

Track Palin's wife, Britta is pregnant. Sarah Palin to be Grandmother again. Photo via Facebook.

Sarah Palin’s oldest son, Track Palin, 22 and his new bride, Britta Palin, 21, are reportedly expecting a baby. The childhood sweethearts married sometime in May 2011, although the actually date of the nuptials and the due date of the baby have remained private. Some people are speculating that the baby was conceived out-of-wedlock and suggesting that this kind of behavior runs in the family.

Track’s wife is nursing student at the University of Alaska and Track is currently in the army reserves and spent time as a deployed soldier in Iraq back in 2008.

Track Palin, who has several Facebook fan sites set up in his honor, is reportedly planning on attending the same University as his bride after he’s done with his current gig – seasonal commercial fishing in Alaska. According to the LA Times, gossip sites were first alerted to Britta’s pregnancy when pictures of Britta surfaced on one of her friends Facebook pages, showing the attractive blonde opening baby gift items at a shower her friends and family threw for her.

Even more suspicious is that Sarah Palin hasn’t mentioned the pending baby from the first Palin child to get married. Meanwhile, Track’s little sis, Bristol, is set to appear on a reality TV show to encourage couples not to have premarital sex. Bristol has a 3 year old son, out of wedlock and she never married the father Levi Johnson. Bristol current advocates abstinence and making good choices about sex before marriage. If the stories of the couple expecting are true, I guess Track didn’t get sister Bristol’s memo.

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  • Palinsucks

    Why do all the stupidest people have to procreate… This is why doctors came up with abortions.

  • Brandt Hardin

    What a model American family! Everything that comes out of their mouths is scripted and paid for by your tax dollars. We don’t need the White House as reality television. Please let her hang up any hopes of running and just keep selling her image- the way her family is, she needs to be on the cover of Hustler, not Newsweek. See just how nasty Sarah will get for the money at

  • Sarah Dean

    Who in the world do you idiots think you are, so what is the big deal if Sarah Palin is going to be a Grandmother for the second time? Those who live in glass houses need not throw stones, and those who are without sin let them cast the first stone, there would be no liberals left so start throwing and do all of America a favor.

  • sdrick

    Oh Sarah Dean, it’s the Palin’s who have a garage full o’ rocks that they’re chuckin’ at the world . . . I smell the stench of mendacity wafting from the North.

    So, Sarah, howz that abstinence only thingy working out for ya’?

  • sdrick

    Palin, I mean . . .

  • P. A.

    Well, I guess that all the libs would be rejoicing if they found out that this new grandchild was aborted!
    Ronald Reagan had two kids, the ballerina misfit and the “tell it all and expose it all, nudie picture taker daughter. He was still the best president of the 20th century.
    At least her kids have the child!