Police shut down lemonade stand in Georgia city

According to Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar, 'The law's the law'

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According to Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar, 'The law's the law'

The city of Midway, Georgia was made a little safer after police shut down a…lemonade stand?

Three young girls had started the lemonade stand to save up money for a trip to a waterpark, but since they did not have a business licence, police ordered them to shut it down, according to reports.

“Kinda crazy that we couldn’t sell lemonade,” said one of the girls. “It was fun, but we had to listen to the cops and shut it down.”

Cheif Kelly Morningstar tells the press why she was forced to shut down the lemonade stand in Midway, Georgia. Screenshot via WJCL.

After being open only one day, Police chief Kelly Morningstar and another officer of the Midway police department stopped at the stand after driving by, according to an ABC affilliate. Instead of speaking with parents, Morningstar approached the girls and told them they couldn’t sell the lemonade.  When a reporter asked another of the girls if police had told them why, she simply said, “No.”  The girls said they did as the officers said because they were scared.


“We have to be consecutive er, consistent on how we enforce the laws,” Morningstar told reporters. We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, of what the lemonade was made with, so we acted accordingly by city ordinance.”

“The law’s the law,” she added.  Watch the video here.

“I’m gonna let it go,” said Amy Roberts, the mother of one of the girls. “I don’t think if I keep on and on and on its gonna teach them a good thing.”

The business license and food and beverage permit cost $50 a day plus $180 a year.  In lieu of the lemonade stand, the girls have been doing extra chores and yard work, to raise money for their trip.

Hopefully they don’t need a permit for that.





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  • John Gagnon

    Business licenses should be required of BUSINESSES, not children. What a mean-spirited thing to do to these girls.

  • Rob

    The world has gone MAD.

    How Un-American.

    Is the police chiefs last name Stalin? Might as well be.

  • Jon

    What a disgrace. A lemonade stand is true American childhood activity. This police chief is not only a disgrace, but un-American to the core.

    For shame.

  • Donny

    Seriously, a business license is for a BUSINESS. Typical dumb-ass cop, doesn’t know the difference between a kids lemonade stand and a business making profits.

    As for the stupid comment “We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, of what the lemonade was made with, so we acted accordingly by city ordinance”. Are you kidding me?? So just because someone pays $50 suddenly their lemonade is “safe”??? Did you fail preschool for retards?

    God, I wish her superiors would step in and stand on this little Hitler.

  • Jon

    There are 40 THOUSAND violent crimes per year in Georgia. Why aren’t they off doing their job and P-R-O-T-E-C-T-I-N-G and S-E-R-V-I-N-G the public? Too busy monitoring illegal lemonade stands I guess, thank god they’re out there saving us from .. uh .. lemonade.

  • Alex P

    Permits. Taxes. Money… They don’t give a flying F if it is safe or not. (Even though I would trust a little kid more than supermarket stuff anyway.) They just want their cut is all. What a joke, how much money do they really think the kid would make to justify a $50 permit. So, no lemonade stands then, heh.

  • Dustin C

    I would think it would be pretty illegal to try to sell a permit . .. TO A MINOR!

    right from Midway ordnance

    Section 7-1-8 Casual and isolated activity.
    Except as otherwise provided in this title, nothing herein contained shall be interpreted so as
    to require any person who may engage in casual or isolated activity and commercial transactions,
    where they involve personal assets only and are not the principal occupation of the individual, to
    obtain a business license and pay a fee therefore. Garage sales, involving the exchange or sale of
    personal items are considered casual or isolated activities for the purpose of this chapter.

    Pretty sure a lemonade stand is NOT the children’s principal occupation.

  • CC

    I hope those girls are filing tax returns on the money earned doing those odd jobs!!!

    (That was sarcastic, folks)

  • Soco Steve

    we traded 1 king 3000 miles away for 3000 kings a mile away. The American ideal is dead, we are all victims of a soft tyranny.

  • Patrick

    What if you want to have a garage sale ? Business License and Inspection of the garage before you can open. Down with Nanny Morningstar. Be a real cop not a Nanny !

  • Dave

    TYRANNY. This idiot cop should be removed, as should the political officers who claim they are right and our nation should shame people for acting like tyranical asses to the citizenry.

  • Sam

    Granny’s church bake sale is next and how bout all those pot luck dinners at the VFW and Knights of Columbus and oh my gosh those little terrorists, the Girl Scouts, selling cookies heavens to Betsy the gall of those little kids taking initiative without permission from so local public official.

  • What Would Elvis Do?

    An alert Chief Mornigstar wrestled the illgal lemonade to the ground.

  • Mitch

    Pitchforks for sale…

  • Gerry K.

    How did a person with such a lack of judgment, discretion and common sense get on a police force let alone become Chief? It’s similar to expelling a 10 year old student for drawing a crude picture of a weapon or saying “bang” while aiming his index finger.

    This story has gone nationwide and it’s exposing the town to ridicule.

  • What Would Elvis Do?

    How’s THIS for irony. On the Midway, Georgia website are these words:”Commemorate and Affirm Your Love of liberty in Historic Midway, Georgia”.

  • lol

    seriously lol, officer dyke extraordinaire should be fired.

  • BobJones

    Your mayor should fire this police chief ASAP. Or the voters should fire the mayor. One or the other.

  • sarge010

    The statute is what needs addressing. Insulting & attacking the officer who may have been forced to do this is not the answer. It’s possible that some neighbor called in a complaint.

    The people of Midway can get that statute changed/removed, if they want to.

  • Harold B.

    I feel much safer,now,knowing these girls are no longer out there peddling their poison. The police chief should receive a medal for her actions.Maybe Midway could take some of their permit cash and send her to Russia to get it. Shameful, just shameful.

  • Kevin

    But they are protecting. They are protecting the public from unsafe lemonade. The public is too stupid to be allowed to take risks from purchasing and consuming unsafe lemonade from unscrupulous sources.

  • G.O.P

    NICE WORK, BUTCH. Dems love Excessive regulation and now they’re even putting Little Girls OUT-OF-BUSINESS with their B.S.. Why didn’t you just try to TAX the piss out them like all other SMALL BUSINESSES?

  • Rob

    The mayor should apologize nationally to this children. I called the mayor and asked how buying a permit would answer the Chief’s questions of who made the lemonade, how was it made and with what. She would not know. So her answer just showed how uneducated she is. Everyone should call this town and ask for a public apology. There number is 912-884-3344. Call and keep them busy until the mayor responds.

  • Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg

    A chief law enforcement executive who proclaims “the law is the law” without more is a dangerous thing in a free society.

  • -Soul-

    Was it near the end of the month? Maybe the cops were trying to meet their quota. >_>

  • stephen

    This is beyond STUPID

  • DR in TX

    FIRE THIS STUPID*A$$ COP! NOW!! Unbelieveable!

  • Mr. Liberty

    Let me guess: the mayor (who must have hired little Ms. Stalin) is a democrat.

  • Franco

    This chick is going crazy because of her position. She actually singles out ppl for her personal pleasure. I will not go as far as to say shes racist because she does it to everyone. she should be fired because she bring more bad attention to midway than good.

  • Keith

    That’s what you get when you put in a Police Chief with 1 years experience.

  • I know this happened a while back, but what wasn’t said was due to a gag order I’m not under… The girls were jumping in front of moving cars, in a well known “bad area” of this little town, and the officers were trying to protect them. In this same neighborhood, 8 convicted sex offenders had registered they lived there. A quaint little meth house was busted down the road as well. Later a drunk driver would go off the road and land precisely where the stand was situated, wow right? These officers are awesome and took preventative measures. They underwent great scrutiny and took hard shots to their characters and their houses (that’s right… They & their families were threatened) all for protecting the innocent. God help us when the ignorant want to be famous and the truth as well as their children don’t matter anymore. I’m a proud native and the truth might not be as juicy for the media but is sure makes more sense, huh?!