Australian mom kept kids in diapers to keep them from growing up

July 15th, 2011 by | Permalink

An Australian man has gained custody of his two children after the court discovered that their mother kept them in diapers with the hope of keeping them in suspended babyhood.

Justice Garry Watts ruled in favor of the dad finding that if the children were to stay with their mom, they would not be allowed to see their father and would subject the children to “emotional harm” because of the woman’s “inability to let [the children] become independent and develop normally,” according to the Herald Sun.

The father said that the kids, ages five and four, besides not being toilet trained, the older child would not even feed himself and was continued to be spoon fed.

The court order gives the mother limited supervised visitations over the next months, and the judge has ordered that toilet training of the children is to begin immediately.

A doctor testified that the relationship between the mother and children was “enmeshed,” and that he “considers the mother to be extremely over-protective and is finding it difficult to let the children separate from her and assert their independence.”

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