Study: Pregnant women can enjoy a glass of wine

New studies suggest a glass of wine per day will not increase risk of premature babies

Having half a glass of wine per day will not increase your chances of a premature baby, or affect your babies growth, a new study has shown.

It is now considered safe for pregnant women to indulge in a small amount of alcohol.

Researchers reviewed 10 studies on the topic of alcohol in pregnancies, and concluded that a woman can consume up to 10g of alcohol per day without any negative effect. One unit of alcohol, such as half a glass of wine, is 8g.

Those who drank more then 36g of alcohol per day were considered heavy drinkers, and this did result in smaller babies, who were often born prematurely.

It is still recommended that women are teetotal during pregnancy, and around a third of all pregnant women are thought to follow this advise. One or two units per week after the first 12 weeks is also considered to be safe, but this study shows that light drinking does not have a hugely negative effect on their child.

A similar study which compared the weight of children whose parents stopped smoking early in the pregnancy with parents who continued to smoke throughout found that those who stopped had much heavier babies, although it was noted by researchers that some women intentionally smoke during pregnancy to lower their childs weight, according to Metro.


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  • Shannon

    It’s important to note that this study ONLY looked at birth outcomes like low birth weight, preterm birth and small for gestational age. Long term effects on the brain were not looked at. Moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy is known to cause Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders; a range of disabilities that can result in learning, behavioral and social problems. Often these are not discovered until the child enters school.

    The title of this article is misleading and incorrect as it draws a conclusion that is not based on evidence presented in the research paper cited.