'Facebook' killer gets 33 years for killing toddler

Father killed his two-year-old daughter to 'get back' at her mother, after boasting about it on Facebook

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Father killed his two-year-old daughter to 'get back' at her mother, after boasting about it on Facebook

A man who posted chilling messages about killing his daughter on Facebook has been found guilty of her murder, and sentenced to 33 years in prison.

A screenshot of Acar with his daughter and his chilling Facebook messages, via Ten.

Ramazan Acar, 24, posted ‘Bout 2 kill ma kid’ on the social networking site before murdering his two-year-old daughter Yazmina.

Acar was said to have been infuriated when he was banned from seeing his daughter after being convicted of assaulting her mother, Rachelle. Despite the order, Acar contacted Rachelle frequently, until she relented and allowed him contact with his child.

On November 17th 2010, Acar arrived at Rachelle’s house under the pretence of taking his daughter out to a nearby milk bar as a ‘treat’. As he had taken his daughter out before without incident, Rachelle allowed him to take their child.


When she phoned him to check on their daughter at 7pm, Acar asked; “How does it feel not to have your child when I didn’t have mine for three months?” He demanded she withdrew the order stopping him seeing his daughter, and when she refused, he responded; “Well I can’t do you any favours.”

15 minutes later, Rachelle phoned back to beg Acar to bring her child home, when Acar said; “Payback’s a bitch. Guess what baby, you’re not getting her back. I love your Rachelle, I loved you. Look what you’ve made me do. Now I have to decide whether to go 120km an hour head on with another car and kill both of us or take the knife and just put it through her throat.”

He then posted the message ‘Pay back u slut’ on Facebook, and took Yazmina to a housing estate, where he stabbed her with a 30cm knife, more then once. The coroner concluded that Yazmina had a long and painful death, as Acar had missed her vital organs.

He phoned Rachelle again, telling her; “I’ve killed her. She’s just lying next to me in her leggings and her top covered in blood, and her guts are hanging out. I killed her to get back at you. I don’t care. Even if I go behind bars, I know that you are suffering.”

Police arrested him 10 minutes later, and Acar showed them where he had committed the crime, and also where he had concealed the weapon. He admitted being ’embarrassed’ to use ‘such a large knife on such a small child’, according to the Daily Mail.

Rachelle wrote a victim statement for the court in which she said she missed Yazmina’s laugh, her smile, holding her hand and lying on the bed with her. She held a photograph of her daughter as the judge sentenced Acar, and afterwards said; “Mimi, it’s our day today. Mummy told you there would be justice for you. And even though I haven’t accepted that you’re not here, forever you’ll be in my heart and I know you’ll always be smiling down on all of us. My beautiful angel. Mummy and Mimi for life.”

During sentencing, the Judge branded the attack ‘chilling and horrific’, and said Acar had breached a parent’s ‘most fundamental duty’.

“You used your daughter, an innocent victim, as the instrument of your overarching desire to inflict pain on your former partner.”

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  • This is one of the sickest stories I’ve head in a while. What is wrong with people? God, that poor baby girl, she was so beautiful and innocent. I am more pissed off that Acar only got 33 years! He should of been put to death, no 2nd thoughts about it. 33 years is a joke, you know damn well he’ll get out before 33 years and God help his next victim. I read this article, but I didn’t see where they were from. I am guessing it’s another country.
    I sure hope Karma gives him his punishments super slow and the painful ever! I also hope he see his daughters bloody body and hears her screams every waking and sleeping moment of his life.
    Sweet Dream Acar!

  • Steve

    It happened in Melbourne, Australia. Acar needs to die.

  • TatiOrose

    It’s so hard to see a parent happily kill their child to hurt their ex. It’s truly an evil act.