Mother admits to killing infant son; takes dead baby shopping

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Home where 3 month infant Ken Blackman Jr. was allegedly murdered by his mother before she carried around his corpse while running errands. Photo via Google Maps.

A Calumet City, Illinois woman, Toyrianna Smith, 20, is accused of killing her 3 month old infant son by repeatedly suffocating him with a blanket and striking him on the head.  The story changes from sinister murder to the downright bizarre as the mother proceeded to wear the corpse of her dead infant in a Baby Bjorn baby carrier while she ran errands the next day. The incident occurred overnight, on June 22nd when Smith, her 3 year old daughter and her newborn son, went to a friends house. Smith admitted to police that while she was there, she consumed hard liqueur. Smith and her two children then spent the night in the friend’s guest room.

According to, Smith told police that the infant, Ken Blackman Jr., started crying sometime during the night and that she put a blanket over his head and struck him the head multiple times to get him to stop. Miraculously, the infant survived the first attack but began crying again several hours later, so once again, Smith said she put a blanket over his head and hit him in the head several more times. When Smith woke up, the baby was dead, however, she decided to dress the baby and put him into a baby carrier on her chest. Smith reportedly walked around with the dead baby, went shopping and then went to a neighbors house all while carrying the dead baby. The neighbor called police after they noticed the baby was not breathing and spotted blood stains on his blanket.

Baby Ken’s father reportedly came to pick up the infant in the morning but Smith asked her friend to lie for her and say that they had already left the home. Smith explained to the Harvey Police, the murder in detail and how she killed baby Ken by using a doll to illustrate how she suffocated him and issued the deadly blows to his head.

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  • Marlie

    This sickens me. Does not help my faith in humanity in the least.

  • So Sad

    This is so so so sad. What is wrong with people these days? Life if a gift……….remember that!

  • PiperB

    Why not give the baby away which is awful in itself, but really. If I found my self hitting my cat I would be concerned with my mental state

  • PissedinNY


  • Hilary Duff #1 fan

    GO TO HELL YOU FUCKING MURDERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to get the electric chair! End your sad pathetic life! Poor thing didn’t even have a chance, and to survive the first time? wow! Where in the hell was the poor baby’s father at? Probably a stand by witness who didn’t give a rat’s ass… ugh! People need to stop being sluts and learn how to keep their legs closed if they do not know how to take care of a baby properly.. and who wouldn’t notice the baby dead? he was probably hunched over and have the deceased smell… My adrenaline is about to kick in..

  • Katarina Rivers

     The father had nothing to do with it, he was else where. They had a custodial agreement where the baby would go to him at separate times. the parents were separated.
    What I would like to know though, is why would her friend let her drink? Didn’t she hear the poor child’s cries at night? The friend had to have known the child was dead. This is sickening. :/