15 Year old boy suspended for wearing dress and heels to school

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from Alexander, courtesy of Flickr

What started as a challenge from his mother has resulted in a suspension from school for a 15 year old boy.  Sam Saurs, a ninth grader at Sedgwick Junior High School in Port Orchard, Washington, has been suspended from school after wearing high heels and a dress to school as a part of a challenge from his mother.

Saurs said he told his mother that wearing high heels wouldn’t be that hard. She challenged him to try it and he accepted, taking it a step further by wearing a dress, as well.

Saurs showed up at school Wednesday in the dress and heels. During homeroom, Saurs was called into the dean’s office. The dean told him that he was distracting students and that he should go home for the day. Saurs told the dean he thought he was being sexist. The result was that the school suspended Saurs  for the remainder of the year (although the suspension was later reduced to three days).  Saurs also won’t be allowed to go to the ninth grade dance or the class party at Wild Waves.

According to sources, the school board tried to contact principal Jay Villars to drop the suspension, but he refused.


Source:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43445423/ns/local_news-seattle_wa/?gt1=43001


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  • Hope

    I understand the challenge. However, did this young man have to do it at school? If it was between him and his mother, then why not do it on a weekend?
    Now if this young man was a transvestite, that would be a different story all together. I would support him all the way. But between him & his mother, why not do that at the mall or something?
    I do think the school over reacted and was a little harsh on him. But the mother needs to take some responsibility in this as well and stand by her son. I’m sure she is. I had two mouthy young boys (men now) and they can be cocky at times. lol.

  • Sophomore

    Anyone can tell that he is a boy, no matter what he is wearing.

    Seriously, when is the last time you saw a high school girl that was skinny…10..20… years?

    Even the girls on the track team aren’t thin like this guy.

    Too busy on Facebook and eating.

  • Kittysmom

    to me no matter whether or not you feel boys should or should not wear dresses that is beside the point the boy broke no rules if the dress code does not say he can not wear a dress and as he was already known for wearing outlandish clothes a susspension and missing dance and party is way over the top for a punishment. If they are sending him home for clothes that are “distracting” what abt the barely dressed teen girls in shoort shorts and halter tops and other distracting outfits a teen boy being crazy and wearing a dress is not that bad if there is no stated and enforced dress code.

  • Jade

    I think it’s rediculous for him to get suspended for that, especially if it was only a dare! Also, even if it wasn’t, and he just chose to dress like that. WHO CARES. That’s what he wants to do and it’s not hurting anybody. No girl get’s in trouble when she dresses like a boy all the time in sweats and hats, so why should guys for dressing like girls? Their are much worse problems going on in schools and community’s, so grow up.

  • Andrius

    The Principal should be fired and the boy should be immediately re-instated to school. By suspending him, the Principal violated the boy’s right of free expression under the United States Constitution (Students’ rights were reaffirmed in Tinker v. Des Moines). He is lucky the parent didn’t sue..

  • At the link you’ll find a pdf file which documents from major newspapers and magazines how school administrators banned, barred and censored females from wearing pants/slacks/jeans to school, for many years. Civil rights apply regardless of gender! Who wears skirts and who wears pants has nothing to do with sex roles. Rome exiled men in pants in AD393. In AD867 the Bulgarians asked the Pope if they could be Christians even though they wore pants! “Pants” comes from Pantalone, the top clown of the medieval Italian Comedy of the Arts. Pants are about riding horseback, not about being a man. The Greek, Fijian and Scottish militaries today have men in skirts. There are two sexes, but women don’t take that to mean they should not wear pants; why do antiprogressive people take it to mean that men should not wear skirts, when in fact they did wear them as men—not as female impersonators—for 1,000’s of years? Macedonians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Romans, Sumerians and many other men always wore skirt attire—AND facial hair! What is Villars problem? He’s a member of the local Mental Health (social conformity) Association? Disregard that CULT!!