Beeni baby hats recalled for asphyxiation hazard

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Photo via CSPC

Kahn Enterprises, LLC  has issues a safety recall for their Beeni Baby Hats product. Consumers are asked to discontinue use of the hats immediately and to contact Kahn Enterprises to arrange for a refund.  The products being recalled were sold from between January 2009 and May 2011.

The hats resemble newborn caps with straps sewn into each side that are connected in front with a removable plastic pacifier holder. Although no injuries have been reported, there is concern that the pacifier holder may cause asphyxiation if the baby spits up while wearing the product.

Hats were sold in sizes small, medium and large. A tag sewn into the inside rim is labeled with model #125867. Anyone owning a hat is asked to discontinue use immediately. Kahn Enterprises will provide a postage paid envelope to return the hats and will offer a full refund. For return details and contact information, please visit the company website at

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  • Nicholas Whittaker

    What in the name of god is that thing!? Anyone caught using that should be charged with child abuse. If your baby doesnt want to suck on a nook, then by all means dont GAG the poor kid!

  • Alex P

    I guess some parents are just too darn busy these days to deal with holding/helping their children. This looks like some kind of.. Well, has anyone seen Pulp Fiction? I wonder what kind of device they make for teething. I think the parents should be recalled and put in a rubber room with a similar get-up.

    Why does the hat say ‘beer’? I guess you can also get custom embroidery of the way the child was conceived.

  • Jessica

    LOL Nicholas!

    I think any baby having to endure this kind pacifier mistreatment should be recalled and given free psychotherapy.