Texas governor signs abortion law

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Because of a new law in Texas, women seeking an abortion will be required to have an ultrasound 24 hours before they are able to go forward with the procedure.

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) signed into law a controversial mandate to require women, even victims of rape and incest, to undergo a sonogram 24 hours before an abortion. Screenshot via Texas.gov

“This is God’s time to pass this bill,” said Sen. Dan Patrick who is also the bill’s author.

Under the new Texas law, women will have the option to decline seeing the image and hearing the heartbeat. In which case the physician would have to describe the size and characteristics of the fetus, such as the presence of a heartbeat, internal and external organs. If the fetus has malformations the woman would be exempted from hearing the description. As is also the case if rape and incest has occurred, however the woman would still be required to undergo the sonogram.

Texas holds a strong conservative majority, thanks in part to the tea-party victories that swept the nation. Several other states are proposing restrictions on the procedure deemed legal by the U.S. Supreme Court. They range from requiring an ultrasound to requiring the image be shown if a sonogram is being performed.


Still, a spokeswoman for the governor said, “Governor Perry was pleased to sign this important legislation, which bolsters our efforts to protect life by ensuring Texans are fully informed when considering such an important decision.” The governor praised lawmakers for acting so promptly on the measure, after he had declared it a legislative emergency. ┬áThe law will go into effect September 1st.

Texas democrats feel quite differently. Senator Leticia Van de Putte said that if the goal is to protect unborn children, lawmakers should support children after they are born as well. She urged republicans to support issues like pre-school, vaccines and health insurance.

“Its ironic that republicans oppose health care reform because it’s unconstitutional”, an opponent of the new bill added, “then turn around and pass a bill that directly interferes with the patient-doctor relationship.”


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  • Mary Joseph

    This is DISGUSTING!!! I find this to be UNconstitutional and a violation of the rights of women seeking a lawful and legal procedure. This represents a religious intrusion into a health issue by self-righteous moralists and politicians.

    People, it seems that the same folks who believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and the Devil are the ones who are naive about nature. Human females have been aborting unwanted and risky pregnancies from the DAWN of civilization! Women know best when they and their society can take on the burden of more children and only began to falter in their control over fertility when males stepped in to steward women’s sexuality in order to bring themselves more status.

    Abortion is common throughout the world, in nearly EVERY culture regardless of what the various “religions” state, or what YOU may think. Trying to stamp it out is like trying to sweep sand from a beach. If you think that there’s too much starvation and death in the world now, if you were to “succeed” in stopping abortion, our planet would reach the level of unsustainability in just ten years.

  • Pro-life Mom

    I think this is fantastic! While I would love to see abortion outlawed, this is a good first step. Boohooo for those of you that like the thought of murdering babies. With ANY other medical procedure you are explained, in detail, what is going to happen, the risks, etc. Why should aborion be different, how is it wrong to explain what is about to happen and allow a decision to be made at that pint. Get over it. It is great!

  • Alex P

    Boohoo for murdering babies? It’s not a hobby, we aren’t deer hunting here. Sometimes there are circumstances/situations when abortion is the best option. I’m pretty sure ‘some people’ are missing the point. If you go to a doctor with a stomach ache, you aren’t FORCED to have a colonoscopy exam (for example). As far as this abortion law, this is just a last ditch effort to get the mother to change her mind and let the child grow up in foster care, or depending on the situation; a vegetable.

    So, does this mean you’d need an ultrasound before a church deacon from the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church/cult punched you in the stomach?

  • Pro-life Mom

    Of course you don’t get a colonoscopy exam for a stomachache. What an stupid arguement. An ultrasound is not an invasive exam, it does not require a sedative or sedation, a colonoscopy does. It is just a picture of what you are removing. If they change their mind after seeing the ultrasound, I have to believe that it is because they didn’t know how developed the baby, BABY was. Most are under the assumption that it is just tissue, it is not, it is a baby.
    And yes, it is one last ditch effort to get them to change their mind. They should. Most abortions are NOT because of a rape or incest or because harm may come to mother or baby. It is because a woman AND man were irresponsible with their fertility and do not want to raise a baby. If they had made the CHOICE before the baby was made to use birth control, they would not have to make the CHOICE to kill a tiny little human. No tissue.

  • Woolstonecraft

    So many people who are happy about the ultrasound requirement are unaware that a zygote doesn’t have an viable heartbeat until about 6.5 weeks, if then– AND at that time an ultrasound would only pick up a tiny blob barely 3 to 8 millimeters across (about the size of a lentil). Up until 12 weeks (the typical “cut-off” of the first trimester), the mass maintains much of the appearance of a tadpole. Fortunately, most women seeking an abortion do so immediately and therefore will be unaffected by these politicized scare-tactics.

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