Shanghai applies ‘one baby’ rule to dogs

May 16th, 2011 by | Permalink

Shanghai has decided to apply its controversial ‘one family, one baby’ rule to dogs, due to soaring rabies figures.

Shanghai's latest pet ownership regulations are not proving popular.

The city has followed Beijing and Guangzhou in introducing new pet ownership regulations, which limit each family to one dog. They also slash dog registration fees, and mean anyone walking a dog must keep it on a lead at all times.

Currently, 140,000 thousand dogs are registered in Shanghai, out of a reported 800,000. The increase in pets has been fast, and has lead to more rabies infections. Around 2,500 people die of rabies in China each year. The city houses 23 million people, and police revealed to Sky News that they recieve thousands of reports of dog bites each year.

In 1979 China introduced a ‘one family, one baby’ rule in an attempt to slow rapidly-rising population figures. This was an unpopular move, but one which does seem to have slowed population growth.

However, the latest pet ownership regulations have caused concerns among residents, who consider the new rules an unwanted intrusion into their private lives.


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