Father arrested, ordered not to see his son after fighting video posted

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Philip Struthers, father of one of the boys encoraged to fight on a video; arrested for child abuse. Screen shot via World Star Hip Hop.

UPDATE: Dad says video doesn’t show the whole story

A video posted on the Internet of two Tampa Bay, Florida teens fighting has prompted police to arrest one of the boy’s fathers. The father, 41 year old Philip Struthers, can be heard on the video encouraging and coaching his 16 year old son on violent fighting moves. The incident occured on April 7, 2011 and the father was arrested the next day when a neighbor alerted police to the video and the website, World Star Hip Hop, where adult content videos can be uploaded and where the video of the teenage rumble could be viewed.

A spokesperson for the Tampa Bay sheriff’s department said they weren’t sure why the video was posted on that particular site. According to Tampa Bay Online, the father can be heard on the video shouting:

Punch his eyes out! Slam his head on the ground! Throw him punches, son! Knock him out!


Struthers has been arrested on charges of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He has been ordered by a circuit court judge today to stay away from his son, forbidding him to see him again until he’s 18 and forbidding contact with anybody under the age of 18.

The sheriffs spokesperson believes the fight was over a girl. The boys will not face charges.

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  • joe

    White trash America raising more white trash. The cycle never ends.

  • That father is a piece of trash and definitely needs to be knocked out a couple times himself.

  • yes the father is a piece of shit!!! and sooo very glad he was arrested. And hope the judge throw’s the book at him.

  • Maroni

    I think what the father did was ridiculous but the video doesn’t show even half the story. Who knows what the other kid did to deserve this. Further, the father didn’t jump into the fight and it was a clean fight. I’ve seen a lot worse situations involving kids where other people jumped in, weapons were involved, etc.

    I’m not saying the father should be commended and I’m not saying what he did was right but to take the guy’s son away from him and then forbid him from having any contact with anyone under 18 and charging him with child abuse is absurd. If people 30 years ago could see this now I wonder what they would think. No, I don’t think fist fighting should ever be a first solution to any problem but sometimes it is better to let kids fight things out. Personally, after I went through in junior high and high school for my sexuality, I can tell you I would’ve loved absolutely nothing more than a chance at a fair fight with some of those bullies, one on one. Even if I lost, I would’ve loved the chance to get some respect and settle things instead of going through years of that.

  • Dave

    Really? Maroni? You think that someone regardless of the situation deserved something like this? You are no less guilty than the father at this point.. No one deserves something like this. Clean fight? You say you are not saying that it is absurd for the kid to be taken away? So it would have been okay for something more serious to happen and the dad just walk away? Yeah okay it did not happen, but what if it would have, you are condoning it, you are just too much of a coward to admit it. It is a sad world when people like you and others feel that the only way to gain respect is to settle things like this..I am just glad you do not have kids, and if you do, not sure I want to be in the neighborhood knowing you would be okay with somethingl ike this!

  • Aaron

    Hey Dave, Had you read Maroni’s post a little closer you would have seen that he is not saying that fighting is the only way. Obviously the father is a jackass, yelling the things he was yelling was out of line, but I’m with Maroni here. Fighting does not solve everything, not by a long shot, but sometimes that’s what it takes for something or someone to stop. When I was a kid and I got into it with someone my dad would put boxing gloves on us and let us go at it in a controlled environment. Sometimes people just need to settle their beef. I have 2 boys and you bet your ass that I teach them some basics, but I also teach them never to start fights, and about respect and morals. I can’t say that a fight was needed in this situation, as I don’t even know what they were fighting for, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up sometimes either. I’m 26, and I guess my father just instilled old school beliefs in me, beliefs which I am passing on to my boys. Sometimes I wish I was born about 30 years earlier when vaginas like you were in the minority, but unfortunately that’s not the world we live in. Pity.

  • Frank Da Tank

    lol i’ll f*** his dad up thinkin he’s bad ass gettin in a 16-17 year olds face lol dude needs to go back to his trailer

  • HEY


    Nothin’ like watchin’ two dogs fightin’ over a fan belt…

  • Tim

    I’ll say yes the father may have been wrong but i don’t believe he should have been charged with child abuse. This is a showing of how our government and country is getting more and more involved in our personal life’s. It was a clean fight, no matter what transpired I’d say let em fight. Our extreme liberals are killing
    any independence we have. We used to fight it out like that when we was that age, as long as nobody is seriously injured or killed, its not a bad thing.

  • sheri

    As long as there are no guns or knives involved let them fight.whats the big deal? The goverment is way to involved in our buisness.The dad was there making sure his son was ok and not going to get jumped or knifed.. so what if he was cheering his son on…who cares..i would cheer my on son to.

  • Diana

    Hey Aaron, let’s have a little respect for the Vagina ok?

    This is not for anyone to judge. None of us were there. None of us were bullied, let alone for 6 months. None of us were there when the bullied trespassed and directly confronted his intended victim on his front lawn. I’m reading these comments and shaking my head in unbelief. This is America!!! I’m a mother, yet if any fool were to bully my son and then have the audacity to call him out in front of our house? My son would have no peace in his world or self respect, not to answer the call. Would I make sure it was fair and do a strip search? Would I put gloves on them? Yes, I’d try to bring some honor into it. But what bully comprehends honor?? When the time comes and it’s your moment — fight or flee? There was a kid that bullied my brother and sat outside our home to make sure he didn’t come out and play. He was warned and harrassed for the longest time by this kid. My father saw it. Called my brother out and called the kid over — and they both went to it right there. When it was over and my brother gave the older kid a bloody nose? My father escorted him home to his father and told him what happpened to his son. Do you really think that boy ever gave my brother a bad time after that or anyone else? There’s a point when walking away just isn’t an option. I think that point was long met here. How dare anyone of us judge that man, his son or that situation. If my son’s peace was stolen for 6 months by this bully? And the bully was stupid enough to show up on my front lawn? Oh yes, it’s ass kicking time.

  • Donny

    Really Frank?? have you ever been bullied? have you ever had a CHILD BEING BULLIED? you haven’t because you would know the anger that that man felt. those kids harassed his son and showed up at their HOUSE, no level of talking, school intervention, or police intervention makes bullies stop. that is a fact.

    you don’t know the pain of having a child being bullied so you can live in your world thinking you are right, but sometimes there’s no other alternatives.