Arm’s Reach Concepts infant bed-side sleepers: Recalled

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The "co-sleeper" by Arm's Reach Concepts has been recalled. Photo via CPSC.

A popular bed side bassinet/crib contraption called the “co-sleeper” has been recalled due to safety concerns when the co-sleeper is used without it’s accompanying liner. While no injuries have been reported, the company that makes the side-sleeper, Arm’s Reach Concepts, has voluntarily recalled the side bassinets because 10 complaints have been reported to the company regarding the space between the mattress and it’s frame. Apparently, there have been reports that infants have fallen through the space between the mattress and it’s side and fallen to the bottom of the bassinet. Another complaint was that infants have become entrapped between the mattress and the sleeper.

Approximately 76,000 co-sleepers have been produced. They were sold between September 1997 – December 2001 for about $160 in various department stores. Model numbers are: 8108, 8133, 8111, 8112, 8199 and 8311 (both original and universal styles) and were manufactured in China. The model number can be found on a sticker on one of the bassinet’s leg.

CPSC recommends that anybody in possession of these bassinet/cribs should make sure they have the product assembled correctly by visiting the company’s website to view assembly instructions. Owners who are missing the liner should contact the company directly for recommendations on safe use. It is reportedly unsafe to use the side sleeper without the liner.

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