Prosecutor: Man broke into high school to masturbate on boys' underwear

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Mugshot via Platte County Sheriff

Prosecutors in Platte County, Missouri, claim that a man broke into his former high school and proceeded to masturbate on boys’ underwear that he had taken from the school’s locker room.

John P. Gallagher, 19, has been charged with second-degree burglary of Platte County High School where he was formally a student, according to local television station KCTV.

A person wearing a FedEx uniform was spotted by students in the early a.m. in the boys’ locker room, and they reported chasing him out, according to court documents. Another student claimed to have found a used condom tied to a shoe in his locker, and at the time thought it was merely a practical joke.

After the boys reported the intruder, the school reviewed surveillance footage and say that a person fitting the same description wearing FedEx clothing entered the school before classes began on 11 different occasions. Investigators claim Gallagher used an unlocked window and then retrieved underwear from various boys’ lockers, tossed them on the floor and then masturbated on them. He then placed the soiled underwear in the same unused locker.


Gallagher also allegedly entered the girls’ locker room as well, but it’s not reported if any incidents took place in that location.

Investigators contacted FedEx with the video evidence and they were able to determine that the man in the video appeared to be Gallagher.

According to NBCactionnews, Gallagher reportedly claimed that his motive was because “he had been bullied during his year and a half attending the high school.” Platte County prosecutor Eric Zahnd verified that claim to reporters, but stated that the bullying was not something his office had “independently verified.”

Gallagher faces up to seven years in prison if found guilty. He’s currently being held in county jail on a $5,000 bond.

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