Young girl loses leg, kidney, injures spleen and breaks neck to save sister

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From left to right, Camry, mother Andrea Taylor and Anaiah Rucker who saved her little sister's life. Screen shot via the Today Show, NBC News.

Yesterday, the Today show  featured a 9 year old hero. Anaiah Rucker is an extraordinary Madison, Georgia girl, who risked her life to save her little sister, 5 year old Camry. Anaiah suffered extensive injuries as a result of pushing her little sister out of the way of an oncoming truck. She broke both her legs and eventually had to have her left leg amputated. She also broke her neck, lost a kidney and had her spleen injured all in effort to save her little sister’s life. This all happened when Anaiah and Camry tried to cross the street to catch their school bus during heavy rain and couldn’t see the truck.

Anaiah told the Today Show , as she referred to the morning she saved her little sister, “Cause she’s my sister. She was right beside me and I was holding her hand.”

The girls mother, Andrea Taylor, says she looked on in shock and ran out to tend to Anaiah after witnessing her daughter being struck by a large pick up truck. The accident would have likely taken the life of 5 year old Camry if Anaiah had not instantly pushed her out of the way and chose to put herself in harms way instead.

When the bus driver arrived, she performed CPR and took control of the situation in effort to save the girl who risked her life only moments before in an unselfish effort to save her baby sister.


Anaiah also told reporter Ann Curry that the reason she pushed Camry out of the way was because, “She was too young to get hit like this and if I didn’t push her out of the way she would hardly be alive. She would probably be gone forever. I just love her. She’s like a friend.”

Her mother Andrea says of Anaiah that she has a kind heart and would have likely done this for anybody, especially her little sister, “For that, I will always be grateful to her.”

Andrea Taylor is currently unemployed but says the community has come together to offer so much support to her family during this recovery period. Young Camry also appeared to be grateful, saying that Anaiah saved her life and kissed her on the cheek during  a prerecorded NBC News segment showing her next to Anaiah, who is currently in a wheelchiar.



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  • Ray Pounds

    Has anyone ever considered WHY these two little girls were exposed to crossing 3 or 4 lanes of traffic to catch the bus? Shouldn’t the local school system or bus transportation be reviewed? NO CHILD – regardless of age – should be expected to cross 3-4 lanes of traffic to catch the bus in the morning OR unload the bus in the afternoon. Why did the local county school bus transportation system have a pick-up site for Anaiah and her sister to load the bus at their driveway – OR AT LEAST – on the side of the road where their home was located? Help me understand this..please. Is there a national or statewide set of standards or guidelines that must be followed to ensure the safety of our children? Had the school bus picked them up on THEIR side of the street – this incident would NOT have happened!