Alaska boy attacked by moose

Photo: Stephen Chase

Police in Anchorage, Alaska, are saying that a 6-year-old boy was attacked by a moose when he got home from school on Monday.

The boy, Michael Barnes, was taken to the Providence Alaska Medical Center and was placed under sedation, according to KTUU-TV. In an interview with Michael’s grandfather, he told a reporter that doctors won’t know how badly the boy was hurt until he regains consciousness.

A neighbor who rushed to Michael’s aid told the station that she had a theory on why the moose attacked, saying, “The moose got I think spooked by a dog, the dog was off leash, and it was agitating the moose. And the moose came out and I think it wasn’t in a good mood at that point, and the boy was there.”

The moose population in Alaska has been coming into closer contact with humans in recent years, especially during winter months when the natural food supply dwindles. According to UPI, an 8-year-old Anchorage boy was trampled to death by a moose in 2007. National park rangers in Alaska ofter warn visitors that wild moose are even more dangerous than grizzly bears, and will attack when they feel threatened.

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