Mother leaves baby and toddler home alone; baby dies in her absence

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Estella Toleafoa is under police investigation for leaving her baby and toddler home alone resulting in baby's death. Photo via Colorado Springs Police.

Estella Toleafoa, 23, reportedly left her two young children, ages 9 months and 2 years, home alone while she went to a nearby restaurant and convenient mart. Police reports say that Toleafoa allegedly left her young children to fend for themselves in a dangerously hot bathtub. The baby, Erich Tyler Jr., was found dead on arrival when police responded to a call about a baby who was unresponsive. The cause of death has been determined by the Colorado Springs Medical Examiner as drowning and scalding. Reports go onto reveal that the baby suffered severe burns all over his body from the excruciatingly hot water. As reported by The Gazette, the baby’s 2 year old brother was apparently able to get out of the bathtub on his own before getting seriously burned.

The mother has been arrested for charges pendingĀ  felony child abuse. The boys father is in the U.S. military and was serving in Afghanistan at the time of the incident. The Gazette reports that the father is now on his way back to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the family lived in an apartment. Estella Toleafoa is currently in police custody on a $150,000 bond.

A Facebook message from Toleafoa last September 2010 showed a concerned wife, asking how to get more information on family support groups within the military and wishing everyone a “blessed day”.


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  • tiffany

    i knew this girl we served in iraq together i know the father of the other child. i never could have seen her doing this but then again she has always been a little on the crazy side. She may have been asking how to get family support ect but you know what she was in the military she knew all those avenues and to see this and think about the poor father who had to go home from a war zone and see this unfold is messed up. it hurts me so deeply especially since i have an 8 month old and am currently overseas. Thank God i have someone responsible watching my daughter.

  • Tama

    I hope whoever is watching your child IS responsible. And even a responsible person can make one bad choice. You’ll end up in the same boat as this young lady- that you just called crazy.
    Rather than judging, pray for your child that he or she will not be a victim of these circumstances.
    Sympathy and prayers to the family and friends,

  • pak31

    @Tama, I don’t think tiffany was being judgmental at all. She was just giving her opinion based on the fact that she too is a former military member with a child. Plus she was an acquaintance of this person. Saying that someone is a little on the crazy side is a term used to describe a personality, I don’t think she meant literally crazy in the medical sense. You are making it sound as if she needs to fear the same thing will happen to her child. The woman in this case hardly deserves to be called a young lady. SHE is the one who either did this or allowed this terrible tragedy to happen. She didn’t leave her children with someone, she just supposedly left them!! Yes, responsible people make bad choices but this case goes above and way beyond a bad choice. There is abosolutely NO excuse, not one, for this mother to have left an infant and a toddler unattended in a bath tub. You are not even supposed to leave the bathroom, let alone your home. Whether she harmed the baby prior to leaving or while she left, it was her actions that led to an innocent helpless baby, her baby, dying a horrific and agonizing death.

  • June Cash

    I hope she rots in prison for the rest of her life. She surely knew better than to leave her children without supervision let alone in the bathtub. Shame on this “mother.”

  • Truth

    Who in the heck is sleeping with this ugly chicks?

    How desperate are guys getting?

    Everywhere you look, fat ugly kids and fat ugly parents.

  • Jen

    For Gods Sake-how does anyone in the world not know that you don’t leave children in bathtubs or any type of water ALONE!?! This is third or forth story I’ve read about these idiot woman letting their kids drown…