Mother charged with decapitating newborn

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A Washington state trailer park similar to the one where a baby's head was decapitated. Photo via Flickr commons.

A young, Centralia, Washington mother is being charged for cutting off her baby’s head shortly after she gave birth. Police are saying that there is evidence that Laura L. Hickey, 25, gave birth to a premature baby, at around 21 weeks of gestation, and then killed the baby by cutting his head off. According to The Press Association, at least a week went by before charging the mother with the infants murder as authorities waited for a medical examiner’s report to confirm whether or not the tiny baby was alive at birth. Hickey reportedly admitted to police that she had removed the baby’s head and stuck the baby in a container under the kitchen sink.

While a 21 month gestation neonate has little chance of survival, prosecutors filed a  first degree murder charge because of the baby’s live birth. Authorities were originally notified when Hickley, who was residing at the Peppertree West Motor Inn (a trailer and RV park), called out for help, prompting a neighbor to dial 911. The woman was rushed to the hospital after telling first responders that she had a miscarriage but upon arrival, a medical exam showed that the woman had actually given birth. When authorities pressed her for information, she told them that she had cut off her baby’s head with a kitchen knife. Hickley has 3 other children whom the state removed from her custody about a year ago. The specific reason for the childrens DCFS intervention is not yet known.

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  • Amanda

    So let me get this straight, she killed her baby at 21 weeks but partial birth abortions are legal??? WTF?


    Yes Amanda. That what she gets for not allowing our tax dollars to pay for a legal Planned Parenthood abortion.

  • goo

    People make me sick.

  • Humanitarian

    Only “official” government appointed “murderers” are allowed to kill babies in the USA. She has issues though… real mother would do that!!!

  • Bella

    I don’t know what this story has to do with abortion.

  • Michael

    I also think it’s interesting that, if someone murders a pregnant woman, they’re charged with 2 counts of murder, for the woman and the unborn child, but yet abortion is legal. How does that work?

    • Yeah well in the bible abortions wernt illegal, in fact they wernt evenna sin, if you assaulted ASSAULTED a married women and beat her fetus to death the most you would have to do is pay off the husband for the INCONVENIENCE aslong as the women lived. Do you people understand? You could get payed if someone beat your fetus to death, so lets not make this a deal about abortion ok? because a women killed her fucking kid, not a mass of cells that can be equally terminated by a bad cold as a trained docter.

  • RTK

    This story is sick and very sad. It also has nothing to do with abortion. Please do not latch your political agenda to this tragedy.

    More women die during childbirth, or suffer from serious childbirth-related health problems, once abortion is restricted or made illegal. Abortion rights protect rape victims, young girls, unhealthy women, and other at-risk populations from the emotional and physical trauma of an unwanted pregnancy. Lastly, abortions are conducted by trained physicians who abort UNBORN fetuses. Providers do not decapitate newborn babies.

    In contrast, the woman in this story ALREADY GAVE BIRTH. She could have given the child away at any hospital, police station, or fire station, but instead killed him in the most brutal way possible.

  • NoahsMommy2012

    I wish I could rip her Damn head off! Those poor other children she had. Thank god they are being better taken care of now.