6 year old Pennsylvania girl victim of sadistic torture and abuse

PA Mother and her boyfriend accused of torturing 6 year old girl. Photo by Andreas Herrmann.

The mother of a 6 year old girl and her boyfriend have been charged with various forms of severe child abuse against the young child. The couple, Jeff Loshaw, 31 and the mother, Kimberly Dickermann, 29, have been accused by Bedford county police of various forms of torture against the 6 year old. Alleged routine punishments consisted of forcing the youngster to stand on one foot, on top of a cooler while holding heavy bags of canned groceries. This action caused the girl to fall repeatedly and suffer various injuries, according to the Philly.com via The Associated Press.

The AP goes onto report that the boyfriend, Loshaw, would frequently drag the girl around by her hair and hot sauce her until she threw up. The abused girl has an 8 year old sister who told police that her mother’s boyfriend would frequently lock her 6 year old sister up in the attic after telling her that there were ghosts in there.

The incident was brought to the authorities attention when someone who visited the home of the alleged abuse took the girl to the hospital after witnessing the 6 year old shaking in bed, lying in pain and using a bag of frozen vegetables to tend to her injuries. Medical staff also noticed severe rug burns on the child’s back, thought to have occurred when the boyfriend would drag the child around by her hair. Both children are now in custody of the state and have been subsequently placed into foster homes.

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  • sunbeam79

    When is this going to end, child abuse must come to an end. The USA is very good about assisting other countries with billions of dollars of foriegn aid; however, when it comes to abused children, hungery and homeless children we are severely neglegent. Who are we really – we Americans? Do we not agree with crime against a child being punishable with death? How or when do we wake up…

  • Anonymous

    There are PLENTY of positive non-cruel ways to discipline. Sounds like they needed some parenting lessons.(the part about the ghosts in the attic is pretty freaky though) Anyone consider simple time-out’s, journaling assignments, and rewards for good behavior? Just say’n.

  • JC

    They weren’t trying to parent, they were obviously enjoying hurting this little girl. I’d be curious to see if they get an any time. Seems to be the trend to let people off with a slap on the wrist. The psychological scars on this little girl will never go away.

  • Anonymous

    i have been on this website for ages and there are hundreds of stories just like this, child is abuse is just wrong and should be stopped completely

  • areocandy123

    it is so bad that people do things like this to there children i would never put my hands on my child especailly like this this is just terrible im so sorry to hear something like this may god bless them two children

  • Anonymous

    imdoing a report on child abuse and fromall the stories ive read this is terrible… my cousin died from child abuse!:c she was beaten and suffercated..i hope she is doing good where she is right now!

    r.i.p sohpia</3