3 year old brutally beaten to death for wetting his pants

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Robine Greinke and Steven Neil, both charged with killing 3 year old for wetting his pants. Mugshot via the Orange County Jail.

A 3 year old boy, Noah Fake, is the victim of a senseless, violent attack at the hands of his mother. He was beaten repeatedly by his 26 year old mother and her 33 year old boyfriend for wetting his pants. The boyfriend, Steven Neil, was not the baby’s father. The baby’s mother, Robin Greinke, admitted to police, according to an Orange County, Florida police report that she and her boyfriend tossed the toddler, spanked him and punched him. According to the Orange County Medical Examiner’s report, the toddler died from blunt force trauma to the head.

The Palm Beach News reports that the couple may have been under the influence of alcohol and pills at the time. Investigators say that the couple ate pizza and watched a movie, going about their business while the baby fought for his life. They apparently chose to carry on with their plans, instead of seeking medical help for the baby. Robin Greinke allegedly considered getting the boy help but her boyfriend wanted to wait to see if he recovered overnight on his own.

The next morning, the couple called 911 because little Noah wasn’t breathing. The baby boy was rushed to the hospital but ultimately succumbed to his abuse and died.

The boyfriend has a child, around the same age, with another woman in Florida who was found to have a court injunction against the man for domestic abuse. Noah’s mom and her boyfriend are currently in custody, charged with murder.

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  • moray

    She is selfish.. Her main priority should be the welfare of her little boy not the itch under her pants. Dont have a child if you cannot take care and love them… IDIOT..

  • lou

    I am sick, tired and heart broken everytime I read about some woman or man that rather take away the life of a child for the love of a man or woman. I can’t think of anything greater than the love a beautiful child. There is NO reason for a mother that bares the scares of carrying a child for 9 months and has to endure hours of labor to bring this child into the world to take it’s life away or to have someone else take its life away. I don’t comprehend in my 62 yrs. what malfunction goes on in their heads to even allow or participate in this.

  • Noodles710

    It utterly sickens me every time I see, or hear something on the news about someone who has beaten their child(rent) to death or otherwise killed them somehow. I can not imagine EVER hurting my child in such a way! I fully believe that the both of them should be sentanced to death. But even that is too good of a punishment for what they have done! I am a mother of a two year old and expecting my second child, and my heart is bleeding at the thought of what that poor boy endured!

  • Brianna

    I have a 3 year old named Noah as well. This would hit home anyway just being a mother but the fact that hes the same age and has the same name as my son makes this extra close to my heart. I have cried many tears for this precious little angel and his fate is most unfortunate. He is safe now with the lord and will never feel pain again. RIP little Noah!

  • Sonja

    I have 5 children and would never dream of hurting them in any way. I was giving my little boy a bath and had to lay him down in the water and he started looking funny, I asked him what was wrong and he said he was afraid I was going to let him drown.(The story of the mother that had drowned her kids one after the other had just been on the news the day before) I grabbed him immediatley and hugged him and told him I would never hurt him. The way I was feeling when he said that broke my heart and shook me to the core. I don’t see how a parent can look in the eyes of their children and know that they are hurting them and not stop. How can you look into those beautiful eyes with that fear in them, knowing that you are causing that fear, and continue I cannot comprehend. I love hearing the pitter patter of little feet even when they are 13. I think of someone hurting my children and know that I would have to eliminate them. So how do their own parents do this? They are just evil and I hope they get the same fate in jail.

  • I raised 2 boys on my own and would of NEVER let some MAN,alcohol or drugs ever abuse my sons. SHAME on you Robin may you see what’s coming to you and hopefully it is death in the cruelest way.As for you Steve it sounds of they should of locked you up and threw away the key a very long time ago. Your parents raised you to be a decent son and you threw your life away on drugs and alcohol. It’s not that you never had a chance to straighten up you were just a spoiled little rich kid that has Never grown up. Death is what you deserve. I feel sorry for your family who’s lives you’ve involved with all your abuse problems. They just enabled you too much and it’s too bad that Noah had to be the one to have his life ended because of your stupidity. I hope you rot in hell!

  • I was just heart broken when I saw this story on Nancy Grace, the pain this beautiful little boy had to indure. I was a single mother of four, and did not have a boyfriend because wanted no one like this to hurt my children. These people are monsters! I wish they would have to be tortured like he was, but I know that GOD says not to do that. However, they will get their share fair in PRISON!!!! They will be targeted for sure!!!
    RIP you beautiful young child Noah:)

  • Savannah

    It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that this is what we have to deal with in today’s world. Why would someone want to kill an innocent, BEAUTIFUL young child? I hope that the worse thing possible can happen to them. They don’t deserve lethal injection, they deserve to be tortured, spit on, stomped on, and every other horrible thing that you can imagine. If this was my child, and my boyfriend tried to lay a finger on him, I would cut off his fingers, and send him on his way. A child is one of God’s most precious gifts. Why in the world would you want to kill one?

  • Christine Finnegan

    The two people should get life in prison. How dare they exert such force to a child…..WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? How do people like this exisit?

  • I have heard some stories in my life time and being in the medical field I thought I had seen and heard it all I am not weak hearted nor do I have a weak stomach but this makes me sick. I feel mental and physical pain for this innocent and helpless child. I couldn’t imagine what a hard and long 3 years he lived. Sadly this baby is better off in Gods hands. The word insane does not even touch what either of these two are they are monsters I hope they get locked away forever and not in any kind of protective unit. When I read this story I grabbed up my 2 nephews and I hugged them and kissed them and told them how much I loved them. Even if the courts don’t do the right thing we all have to face judgement one day. Sadly they don’t have to live with it because they do not have a conscious. Yet we the people are all tore up inside that anybody could do this there were no drugs involved just 2 cold hearts and one little heart that is no longer beating.

  • sunbeam79

    Here we go again – First of all I speak from experience when I speak to this topic at all being that I came from a home of severe child abuse and neglect.

    When is this going to end, child abuse must come to an end. The USA is very good about assisting other countries with billions of dollars of foriegn aid; however, when it comes to abused children, hungery and homeless children we are severely neglegent. Who are we really – we Americans? Do we not agree with crime against a child being punishable with death? How or when do we wake up…

  • Heather

    So… is everyone against spankings yet?