Shawna Forde, anti-immigrant activist, gets the death penalty

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Shawna Forde gets sentenced to death

Shawna Forde, an Arizona “border activist,” has been given the death penalty after she was convicted of murder in the case of a 29-year-old father and his 9-year-old daughter who were shot to death. The girl’s mother, Gina Gonzalez, was also shot, but she survived.

Earlier in February, a jury found Forde guilty of two counts of first degree murder after it determined Forde, along with two others, had invaded the home of Raul Flores in the tiny border town of Aravica, Arizona, impersonating police officers. When Flores resisted, Forde’s accomplices opened fire, killing him and his daughter.

Gonzalez, who witnessed the crime, then called police. A 911 tape played at Forde’s trial, and the jury could hear gunshots and Gonzalez “pleading for help” as the suspects had returned to “finish her off.”

Prosecutors said during the trial that Forde’s motive was actually money, as she believed Flores was a drug smuggler and she intended to rob him to “finance her extremist border watch operation.”


According to CBS News, the Pima County Attorney’s Office told reporters on Tuesday that the jury had returned with the death penalty against Forde, making her one of only three women on Arizona’s death row.

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  • Susan

    The jury did the right thing. Even in Arizona this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Daughter of the American Revolution

    Thank God there’s still some sanity left – Forde got the sentence she deserves, just hope it’s carried out. Where does this kind of mentality come from??? At the risk of distracting with facts or confusing with evidence, what is now the US is NOT the homeland of blondie blues like Forde and her ilk. Many of the people coming from across the border have ties to US tribes, others descend from people cheated out of US land during the Louisiana purchase. For people like Forde to spout off and act as she did is shameful and ridiculous – stupidity and ignorance in motion. If people really want borders closed, let’s start with the ones on the side of the Atlantic.