Baby found in toilet after Barnum & Bailey circus show

February 8th, 2011 by | Permalink

Photo by Mark Manalaysay

Police are frantically trying to find a mother who apparently gave birth in a dirty public bathroom and abandoned her newborn in the toilet. The incident reportedly happened after a Barnum & Bailey circus show in South Carolina, in the arena’s bathroom. The newborn is said to be in critical condition, suffering from hypothermia and near drowning. It is not yet known whether the newborn is expected to survive.

Police are watching surveillance video of the bathroom, possibly trying to spot a woman who has gone into the bathroom, stayed in there for an unusually long time and comes out looking rather exhausted. According to Fox News, the baby was found by a cleaning crew after the arena cleared out. Nearly 10,000 people attended the show, so finding the mother will be like finding a needle in a haystack. Authorities are perplexed as to why a mother would do this given that South Carolina is a state which has enacted “safe haven” laws. In South Carolina, a baby can be dropped off at a fire station or police department and relinquished with no questions asked.

Police are asking medical personal to report to them if a woman comes into a hospital or doctor’s office, needing medical attention that would suggest that she’s recently given birth. The baby boy weighed in at approximately 6 lbs.


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