New Gerber baby picked

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Mercy Townsend, via

Over 217,000 photos were submitted for the coveted “Gerber Baby” contest and one lucky recipient, Mercy Townsend, gets her claim to fame as the winner and a generous $25,000 college scholarship. As the grand prize winner, Mercy’s face will done Gerber ads throughout 2011. While Gerber judges ultimately decided upon the curly headed cutie, the contest was open for several months and allowed parents and friends to send in pictures of their gorgeous babes to Gerber’s website and campaign for people to vote for their cuties. The baby or toddler with the most votes on a monthly basis won Flip video cameras. The contest allowed for babies and toddlers up to 48 months of age.

Winner — little Mercy Townsend resides in Ohio. According to WKYC News, her mother, Tahisha Williams-Townsend, is surprised and thankful. She says that while little Mercy doesn’t understand the extent of her rewards, she is going around saying, “Thank you.” Mercy is scheduled to jet set to New York city for her official photo shoot next week. Looks like 2 year old Mercy is starting life out with a pretty impressive resume.

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  • s white


  • J

    She is not ugly. I think that they could of found better though. They should keep the original one.

  • k

    my cousin woulda been waaayyyyyy cuter! LUV YA PATRICK!!!!!

  • rebecca

    my little cousin is 3 and would have been way cuter than this he is so cute with brown hair and blue eyes

  • Eve

    She is beautiful and perfect!!! Congrats Mercy!!

  • I think it was rigged this totally wasnt the cutest to be a gerber baby,

  • My granddaughter is beautiful and very emotional. You can see it in here eyes, And always smiling, The one that was picked is totally not the cutest baby nothing against the baby but come on,

  • John

    That’s good that she won….maybe she can take the $25,000 scholarship and cash it in on a kiddie partial.

  • Steph

    She is an adorable baby and happy she won, however I’m a little upset b/c I had an adorable picture of my daughter that I could not submit b/c the rules clearly state that ANY girl baby of ANY age had to have a shirt on and she clearly does not. Congratulations to her but it doesn’t seem fair.

  • helene aucoin

    Honestly she is kinda cute but i think her winning has to do with her ethnic race. She definitely not a Gerber baby!!