New baby crib regulations enacted in the US

December 20th, 2010 by | Permalink

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) has announced that new rules and regulations regarding baby cribs.

Photo by Emmanuel Garcia

CSPC claims these new regulations should save thousands of lives. Cribs that have a side rail that drops down will no longer be available as these new retail requirements phase in. The new law also forbids second hand cribs from being sold. Crib slats and mattress durability has also been added to the new safety standards.

Apparently, we’ve come a long way since mothers of yesteryear used to put babies in dresser drawers to sleep. MT wonders the effect this will have on parents of shorter stature. At an average height, a full crib side is deep and can be a little tricky to lift a baby out of it. Perhaps a step stool along side a baby’s crib will be in order. Given the convenience of drop side panels, MT wonders if CSPC couldn’t have just made them safer instead of outlawing them. We see entire stainless steel bubble beds in our Grandchildren’s future.

Not to make light of the situation of course. Drop rail sides can and do pose a real danger, just ask Stork Craft Manufacturing who had to recall it’s side rail which tended to drop on it’s own. Prior to these new regulations, many of these regs were simply voluntary, but this has also turned into a political storm as well, with government pointing the finger at prior administrations for failing to bring standards up to date. While every baby deserves to sleep safely and soundly, without the risk of being fatally harmed during slumber, the new regulations does truly give new meaning to a Nanny state. For those who cannot afford a Nanny, many will be relieved and thankful for a government who is looking out for the wellfare of our most innocent and vulnerable.

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