Boyfriend allegedly put toddler in pot of boiling water; toddler dies

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In another disgusting excuse for human life, a woman’s boyfriend, Carlnelus Delaney Simmons, age 37, reportedly took her Photo by kliverap 16 month old son, Jabraylon Bables, and dipped him into a pot of boiling water. According to The Dallas Morning News, the baby suffered for 36 days before succumbing to his grotesque and brutal injuries. He was presumably in agonizing pain, as his burns covered most of his lower body and melted the skin off his body and of which subsequently became infected. Jabraylon’s biological father has been in prison most of his young life and has only been able to reconnect with him 2 months prior to the assault on the child.

The mother, Jasmine Thompson, appears to be supportive of her boyfriend whom she met after the baby’s father went to prison and who has allegedly tortured her defenseless baby, calling him a “good person”, even though he spent 15 years in prison for murdering another man.

The Dallas Morning News recounts the baby’s last days:

The remaining days of Jabraylon’s life were spent in a hospital room hooked up to a battery of tubes and a breathing machine. The skin had melted off his legs and feet. Burns covered his right hand up to his wrist.


Doctors removed about 60 percent of his badly damaged intestines during one surgery. They removed more during a second surgery. Infections wracked his small body. He suffered kidney failure and his body swelled to the point where he was unrecognizable.

There is a special place in hell for a mother and man like this.

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  • I hope that they lock them both up!!! How can she defend a man that did that to her child? Some women & men should never parent any children. I hope that the devil has a special spot for them both in hell!!!!

    • me too. good job Tamara!

  • femme fatale

    WTF is WRONG with people? This so-called-woman NEEDS to be dunked in boiling water. She sleeps with a convicted murderer and then defends him – ignoring the most obvious indicator that he is a MONSTER. Rest in Peace Little man, RIP!!

  • Brenda

    wtf. this poeple are monsters. why the fuck do they do that to children? what’s wrong with people! that mother defended the idiot who burnt her own child? inbelievable. hope they rot in hell. both of them. poor little boy.. hope he rests in peace!

  • Destinee

    What the hell are wrong with people these days? who can do this to anyone, let alone a baby!! I hope they both go to jail for a long time and that poor little boy all the stuff he went through

  • oneisha

    oh myy gosh. what lind of person would let their boyfriend do thaat to their own child and then defend them?!?!?! thats wrong on so mant levels. ):

  • mmmmm……….tasty!

    • js

      Burn in hell with the parents you PUSSY

    • childrenareinnocent

      this isn’t a story to joke about. An innocent child’s life is gone, and you make jokes? I hope with all my being, that you were drunk or high when you typed this, because any human being with a heart would atleast cringe at the thought of making a joke about this. Maybe you should find a way to remove this post, or post an apology to everyone who loved baby JaBraylon.

    • u r so mean how about i dunk you in a pot of boiling water you duch!

    • Nora

      This isn’t funny you dipshit

    • tweety

      yeah because that’s so funny. I hope you feel what this baby felt one day sicko

  • Wtf chris?

    Chris, thats a horrible thing to say. If thats your idea of a joke, you have a twisted mind, and even moreso if you are serious. These parents should be dunked in boiling water and burn in hell. I thought the worst you could do was beat a child, but this…it’s beyond description the brutality of some people.

  • HopeNChrist

    This is unspeakably evil, truly demonic in fact. Stories like this so remind me of when the Bible foretells how things will be in the last days, before Jesus returns. “At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other . . . Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold.” Matthew 24:10-12. I believe this is what we’re seeing today when even a child’s own mother, the very person God gave him to in order to nurture & protect him, could turn on her own baby and do something so heinous. I know Jesus has already welcomed this baby into His loving, gentle arms where he will never be hurt again, but his mother & her boyfriend should be afraid, VERY afraid. This world will be the ONLY heaven they ever see and they will spend eternity with the demons they so willingly listened to while they were here. God sees and WILL avenge.

    • I sure hope you are right. But again I read this the same way you do from the bible.

  • MikiN

    these mother f*ckers are going to rot in hell. you are truly sick to do this to your own baby. RIP little man, RIP!

  • Lisa

    These bastards need to be boiled alive then denied medical care to suffer for what they put this poor baby through.

  • Stephanie C

    How could she allow him to do this and then let her own baby suffer? This is soo horrrible mabe if she took him to get checked he could still be here with a more loving family! Those two do deserve to be dipped in hot boiling water over and over again until they die! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE omg poooor baby 🙁

  • Karen

    Omg my last name is Thompson!! xDD

    Btw poor child.. :*( Child abuse needs to stop!

  • Would anyone object to us bringing back swift punishments for crimes such as this that fit very easily into a ‘special allegations’ category – I’m thinking public executions by: Guillotine, Hanging or Firing Squad. Truthfully, any swift death like the above for this bastard (and his moronic girlfriend) would be too humane. I would have no problem instead – and I consider myself a Christian – seeing THEM BOTH boiled to death. A eye for an eye.

  • Heidi L

    Oh Lord. How can someone do this to a young defenceless child! I hope that the Devil himself has booked a special place in He** for them! The poor baby will now be resting in peace in the arms of the angels, cured and very happy. God is coming one day and those evil people who did this to that poor child will pay! RIP little guy.

  • victoria

    how dare that woman call herself a mother? i would not, could not support a man who did that to my baby. leave him to suffer for over a month, that man would not resemble a human being by the time i finished with him…. disgusting sick bastard!

  • Rachel

    I actally sit here and tremble and feel physically nauseated when I think about that level of fear and physical pain that is suffered by a small innocent trusting child. They come into this world having no choice but to trust in he love and care of the adults they are with. So curious about the world around them so excited about learning and doing new things. I have 3 children my youngest only 15 months old and I hold him tight with all the love I have so that in some small way I can stop the deep feelings of sadness I have these horrifically abused children go through. Why is it I wonder that noone in these monsters lives intervene when they sense there is something going on. Why cant someone pay attention to the childrens physical appearance for signs of abuse , why cant they look into their sad little eyes crying out for help. I am truly so very sad for that poor little angel….

  • Sie sind alle überreagieren. Ich weiß, es ist entsetzlich, aber man muss die Mutter wissen, und ihr Freund kann nicht sehen, nicht wahr? Ich denke, Ihr seid doch alle Penisse. Chris, war, dass Witz lustig und auch keine untergeordneten Fleisch schmecken. Ich liebe die Nazis!

  • @ Katja- You are a Nazi to make light of this situation with a poor defenseless child! Who has given anyone the right to torture or take the life of an innocent person??? How in God’s name could the mother stand by, allow this, and not get medical help for her own offspring after the fact & watch him suffer in excrutiating pain? The only conclusion I came come up with is that she lost her sanity somewhere along the line & was oblivious to reality. No sane person, who has a conscience would have detatched themselves in the reality of it all. Baby Jabraylon, may the angels keep you in their loving care and you bathe in the glory of the Lord. God allows us to make our own choices. We are not robots, but he promises that He will avenge. Although I don’t support taking another person’s life…this is one of the rare occassions that I am all for capital punishment!

    • biddy

      Ignoring the poor analogy in the beginning of your comment,   I agree with you on the sane part of your comment

  • Amanda

    This is fucking disgusting the mother an the boyfriend both deserve to die for this.

  • OMG how evil, the baby’s egg donor and her POS boyfriend need to DIE…what evil lives in both of them..

  • childrenareinnocent

    It is an unbelievable tragedy what this innocent baby had to go through, the pain and emotions he must have been feeling makes my eyes tear, my heart hurt, and my skin crawl. This child is free of the lifetime of abuse he would have suffered with the (lack of a better word) evil (also lack of a better word) “parents” he had. Its (EXTREME lack of a better word)  awful that these “things”, that don’t deserve to be called people,  stole a life from this baby, and stole what Jabraylon could have given to this world.  These disgusting beings don’t deserve to die, they deserve to be locked in a place, isolated, only with everything they fear,  they deserve to hear the cries of that tortured child, they deserve a punishment that is unspeakable. but they dont deserve to die, because that would free them of suffering, they deserve to suffer. JaBraylon did not deserve to suffer, his life was stolen, but there is nothing anyone can do to bring him back, all we can do is honor his life, and improve our child protective services standards of a “healthy home” because there must have been signs of abuse and to keep everyone convicted of violent rapes and murders monitored. I’m only 15, i don’t know much, but I know there must be ways to prevent similar situations in the furture.
    R.I.P JaBraylon Bables, Try to heal your tortured soul, you didn’t deserved any of this, you are loved by friends, family, and strangers that heard your story. Goodbye, JaBraylon. <3

  • what in the heck was that dude thinking if he hated the kid that much than he might as well go turn himself in!!!!!! 

  • This is the worst of the worst. What a piece of sh** for a mother. The ‘boyfriend’ is a duchbag that needs to be stung up by his gonads. Hope they both suffer in a place called hell.

    • i think we all have the same hopes reader1

  • Now the bofriend gets to meet daddy in prison, looks like another tear drop coming

  • First, the mother puts a 16 month old precious gift from God into a BOILING POT OF WATER.  I’m sure most people have had minor burns in their life…spilled coffee, a lit match burning your finger, etc.  Needless to say, the pain, even due to minor burns, is excruciating….Lord, even a minor sunburn can be unbearable to most people.  I cannot begin to imagine in my wildest nightmares the agony the poor baby endured just by that horrific crime alone.  This unfortunately, was just the beginning for this baby’s unimaginable suffering….it is beyond my comprehension that child was then left for 36 DAYS with this monster of a mother…who is certainly sub-human (it hurts me to even use the word “human”, to describe this despicable this scum of the earth.)   I cried so hard when I read the column… is unfathomable to imagine how that poor, dear child dealt with the incredible suffering and agony before succumbing to his injuries.  I cannot describe the things I would love to do this woman….and I am sure everyone agrees….may she burn in hell for eternity and feel what it is like to suffer so.  There is absolutely no excuse for her not to be given an immediate death sentence.  These kind of people don’t belong on the same earth we live on.  May this little angel rest peace.

  • First off, why the hell would you allow a murdered around your infant son?
    Second, if any one even pops my daughter, I flip out on them. He killed that poor little baby. And she defends him? He is not a good person. He is sick, twisted, and obviously psychotic. They both need to be subjected to the firing squad.

  • AJ Quintana

    what? she’s got hybristophilia (attraction towards outrageous criminals of or felonys) or something?? or is she just f*ucking stupid??

  • Christina Rae

    As I said on another post, I believe there should be a strict scanning process on people if they decide to have children. Who’s with me?

  • Nora

    I hope these people get hanged and go to hell

  • Nora

    Rip little guy