Toddler gets stuck in giant claw machine at mall

December 9th, 2010 by | Permalink

Beware of the claw!

Photo by Zach Schroeder, Omaha, Nebraska

A 2 year old girl got stuck in a giant claw machine, located in the food court of a Robinson Township, Pennsylvania mall. Hey, you have to give her a few points for resourcefulness. According to WPXI, there was a hole large enough for the tot to climb up and be one and zen-like with all the stuffed animals. Just like a real life Toy Story. While her mother claims that it had nothing to do with her ignoring her kid for a pint-sized amount of time — given the toddler was able to get inside in moments flat, there still had to be enough time that lapsed that the girl wondered off and figured out how to get inside. MT remains a little skeptical on that one, but without judgment of course! God knows that MTs found itself deciding between teriyaki chicken and kung pao two taster at many a food court malls, just enough time for a precocious toddler to find trouble.

Thankfully, the girl wasn’t injured. Firefighters arrived and freed her within about 15 minutes. The mother is asking that all these machines be taken out of malls but for different reasons than the rest of us. MT wouldn’t mind seeing the whole lot of these machines get their just dirt burial because they’re a friggin’ RIP OFF! Sadly, it was not reported whether or not the girl was able to keep the shiny object she went in for. We certainly hope so.

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