Babysitter accused of burning toddlers skin off

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Police believe that babysitter, Irene Martin, age 37 of Plainfield, Indiana, severely burned a 2 year old by holding him down in what they estimate to be 137 degree water, according to WTHR Indianapolis. The scalding hot water reportedly made the baby’s skin completely peel off all down his back and buttocks. Police also report that the boy had a laceration under his eye and bruising that would indicate force from somebody holding him down.

The babysitter is now recanting her previous explanation, that the boy fell into the bathtub (or some ridiculous story like that) because she was trying to save herself, but now claims that the baby peed on himself so she washed him off and when she checked the water, the water was fine.

How in the world she thinks that story will stand up in court — we have no friggin’ clue.

That kind of severe burn, which will likely never heal properly and cause excruciating pain, she would have quickly lifted the toddler out of the water if she was of sound mind. It’s not like he could be tortured like that and not make a peep.


Also, Martin’s 5 year old daughter has told the police that her mom was angry at the baby for not going potty.

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  • elizabeth

    this is redicullis i think this person should be done the same as she did to him but worse because how can you do that a bby crying so bad like that its terrible gosh i wish there was something done about this